Letter to Client Informing of Unpaid Utility Bills

These letter formats directed to the people who have taken accommodation at house and are living on rent that could be office worker, lawyers, and doctors. These formats by householder/Officeholder to tenant or client for informing unpaid office /house utility bills.

Letter to Client Informing of Unpaid Utility Bills

Mr Pot Puri,

Please note that I am writing this letter for informing you of unpaid utility bills. You have taken the accommodation place from us for two years now and there has been absolutely no problem found. You are a very virtuous and righteous person. I received the cheque you sent of $700 of accommodation rent. This has been specified in the appraisal that you shall also pay for the utility bills. This is my request to you to please go through the contract again for checking the details so it does not happen again. Please send me the remaining amount this week so I shall pay the bills. If there is any query that you want to discuss with me, please contact me on given number below or you can write me an email on my email address. I hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards,

Robert Singh

Sample letter to Client/Tenant Informing of Unpaid Utility Bills

Dear Mehta,

I am writing this letter in very emergency as you have not paid the utility bills. I have given you the place for office and I have received the payment of monthly rent but did not receive the amount for separate utility bills. I have to forward it to the administration, please understand that I am the moderator between the both parties. I will recommend you to go through the terms and conditions of the contract you signed. The total balance is $500 of two months. I am giving you 5 business days to make the payment. Please inform me within the days if you have any query or concern regarding the rent. You can reach me on my office number for contacting means. I hope that I don’t have to send this kind of letter again to your place. Please be punctual and vigilant in reading the contract.

Best Regards,

Morban Poch

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