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Farewell Letter to Teacher

Sample farewell letter to teacher from the school. Leaving is part of natural change. This change can happen anywhere as is moody in its very nature, but when this change occur in any educational institution then farewells are arranged in order to give her the honour and good memories so that she feels at home. Such format can be used by schools who wished to say adieu to their staff.

Sample Farewell Letter to Teacher from the School

Ms. Shona Bay,
Rosehill Montessori School,
Mexico, United States of America.

Subject: Farewell letter to teacher from the school

Adorable Ms. Shona,

‘This life is a stage. We all are actors and we have our own entrances and exits’ is a renowned saying of William Shakespeare and well befitted to all ages and people. You came to this school, you took charge, and you played so beautifully with your children and taught them so well that in just few months you immersed our hearts with your loyalty, commitment and passion to break new grounds and tried to achieve — — sky is the limit!

We love you for what you are and for what you made us and your students as well. On your departure not a single soul is happy but it’s your wish of leaving that is granted with heavy hearts, but before you leave us, in your honour we had arranged a farewell party in the school so that you can feel our love and gratitude which we hold for you. Do spare time for your old chips of the same block and come at 10:00 Am sharp as we all will ardently be looking forward for your arrival. We love you.

Administration and Staff,
16 th May, 2016.

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Sample Admiration Letter Format for Farewell Party to Employee. Such easy format can be used by public who wished to say some good words and share nice feelings in shape of Farewell party to their leaving fellow/employee/teacher/worker etc beings.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Mrs. Shamitabh Sahaye

From the
Teaching staff
Jasmine Middle school for Girls.

Subject: Farewell Party to Employee

Our very own sweetest ever Madam,

On your leaving the educational station from here we are very much grieve because in shape of you we will be deprived from a cheerful, loyal and above all the charismatic personality! No doubt the loss is great and heavy but for our happiness, we are much concerned!

In your honour we had arranged a farewell party and with this party we will ooze out the last but lasting memories of intimacy which we will in time to come will share. You are requested to grace the occasion at 9:00 pm sharp at Maldives Hotel, Sanathun Nager. Wear the perfect attire for the event and gather our warm wishes on the night of Monday! Hope to
see you soon.

Principal and staff
Mr. Ajay Sharma
December,15, 2015

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter
Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Farewell Party. Invitation Letter in order to invite Vice Chancellor, Professor, Eminent Person, Popular Personality as Chief Guest in your Welcome or Farewell party or Annual Dinner. Make the letter simple and sophisticated. Mention the date, timings and venue clearly. Templates are given below:

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Farewell Party

Date 29th November,2014

Prof. Edward Wilson,
Virologist, Oxford University.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Farewell Party

Dear Sir,

Hope to find you in a good health. The purpose of writing is to inform you regarding the Annual Farewell Party of BS. Microbiology Batch 2010-2014 in University of Aberdeen. This is the most pioneer batch of our institution in the mentioned field. We want to cordially invite you as chief guest in this farewell party. As, you are a symbol of success and inspiration for students. Your presence and thought provoking words will be a source of motivation for them. It would be a huge surprise for them to see you as Chief Guest in between them.

Sir, If you spare some precious time and come to this pioneer farewell party we shall be honored. The decided date is 4th December, 2014 on Wednesday. Timings are from 7 pm to 10 pm as per university schedule and venue is University Auditorium.

The management and students are extremely excited to hear the positive response from your side. You have always supported us and We hope that you will also not refuse us in this regard. We understand your busy routine but few moments for us will be evergreen. We shall wait for your reply.

With Warm Regards,

Prof. Kile John
Dean of Department Microbiology.
University of Aberdeen.

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Date: 7th December,2014

The Vice Chancellor,
Punjab University.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Farewell Party

Dear Sir,

Hope to find you in best condition of your health. I am writing to inform you regarding the Farewell Party of M-phil Biochemistry Batch 2012-2014. The management has decided the date 20th December, 2014 on Friday. The decided Venue is University Hostel Ground. Sir, all preparations are at its peak and students are taking part with much enthusiasm. In this auspicious moment your kind presence as a Chief Guest will make the evening glamorous.

Kindly, make out some time and appear in between us all as a Honorable Chief Guest. This will enhance the privilege of our event and will make the event more sophisticated. Timings are from 8 pm to 10 pm. We acknowledge your hectic routine but without your presence and your motivational speech our function will be incomplete.

We hope that you will not disappoint the students and management. It would also be a sort of pleasure for the departing batch. We guess so that you will keep the excitement of students high and be there. It would be our immense pleasure.

With Kind Regards,

Prof. Ali Khan.
Dean of Department Biochemistry.
Punjab University.

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest
Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest