Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Sample Admiration Letter Format for Farewell Party to Employee. Such easy format can be used by public who wished to say some good words and share nice feelings in shape of Farewell party to their leaving fellow/employee/teacher/worker etc beings.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Mrs. Shamitabh Sahaye

From the
Teaching staff
Jasmine Middle school for Girls.

Subject: Farewell Party to Employee

Our very own sweetest ever Madam,

On your leaving the educational station from here we are very much grieve because in shape of you we will be deprived from a cheerful, loyal and above all the charismatic personality! No doubt the loss is great and heavy but for our happiness, we are much concerned!

In your honour we had arranged a farewell party and with this party we will ooze out the last but lasting memories of intimacy which we will in time to come will share. You are requested to grace the occasion at 9:00 pm sharp at Maldives Hotel, Sanathun Nager. Wear the perfect attire for the event and gather our warm wishes on the night of Monday! Hope to
see you soon.

Principal and staff
Mr. Ajay Sharma
December,15, 2015

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter
Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter

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