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Request Application for Changing the Teacher

Sample Request Application Format to change the teacher. Studies are the main concern of the students and they want to show the best in their exams as well so in order to avoid any mal happening they want to get the teacher who has the most potential and is experienced as well. This format can be used by all students who wish to achieve the best education.

Request Application for Changing the Teacher

The Principal,
ABC Institution.

Subject: Request for changing Teacher

Respected Madam,

With utmost respect and honor, I am writing this application on behalf of our whole class, 8 th A. Madam, we respect our all teachers and this is our obligation but if we will not talk about this matter, it will be loss of our studies. We want to request you for changing the subject teacher of ‘Maths’. You know that this is such a basic and technical subject to understand, but we think that we are unable to understand how the new teacher ‘Mrs. XYZ’ explains. She does not cooperate with students if any query is asked twice. Madam, please don’t take it as a complaint but as a request from us. We hope that you’ll consider this application. I shall be obliged.

Yours Obediently,
Class Representative (8

Sample Application to Change Teacher

The Dean,

Subject: Request for Teacher Change

Respected Sir,
With high esteem and regard it is stated that I’m writing on behalf of my entire class and I want you to bring our issue in front of you as we hope that you’ll definitely consider our request which is explained further. Sir, the problem is it is really essential for students to understand the concepts of education and lessons which they are actually learning. I agree that all the teachers at our institution are highly qualified and diligent but sometimes, students are not able to understand the state of mind of their teacher and it is a natural phenomenon. The compatibility between students and teachers is most needed factor.

Sir, I want to mention that we appreciate your intelligence and teaching methodology but unfortunately we are not able to understand the concepts which you deliver. Surely, you’ve got enough abilities but I guess we are unable to grab your ideas which are obviously mighty. Sir, I request you to kindly consider our request and arrange a new subject teacher for our class. We hope that, you’ll definitely understand and consider our humble request.

Thanking you in anticipation.



Request Application for Changing the Teacher

The Principal
Carnation Public School System,
Bombay, India.

Subject: Request Application for changing the teacher

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to describe that I am student of 8th Daffodil studying here from past four years. In all those years I had not faced any problem regarding my schooling and especially studies but now I am facing a problem which is even disturbing many other students as well. You can guess the level of anxiety now.

Sir, I am hardworking student and know how to cooperate with teachers but unfortunately our Math’s teacher is unable to communicate his knowledge to us properly. The whole class is facing this since the start of session. We want you to kindly change him and appoint Mr. Shakeel at his place.

I shall be thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,
Ajay Singh
November 25, 2015

Request Application for Changing the Teacher
Request Application for Changing the Teacher

Request for Changing Maths Teacher

Respected Principal,

It is to state with due respect and honour that I am mother of your student studying in 9 th A. He was star child since he came in his 1 st standard. He had no issue in Mathematics up till now, but now he is complaining of math’s teacher as he did not explain well and bent on only board work that cause problems to many parents like me. Kindly change the teacher for the betterment of future generation and their results. Thanking in anticipation.

Your Faithfully,

Mrs Rameez

Application Format for Changing the Teacher

Respected Sir,

With huge respect and estimation, it is stated that I am the student of this distinguished and prestigious college. I am the class representative so it is my obligation to bring forth this matter into your hands. As you know, that session has just commenced and different teachers have been allotted. Every teacher is like a parent figure and we must respect them always but sometimes student have their differences with teachers. We are having trouble with our stats teacher. We are unable to comprehend his teaching methodology. It is my request to please change our teacher of stats so we can understand the subject.

Yours Sincerely,