Letter of Recommendation for Advancement Sample

Sample request letter of recommendation for advance salary. It is a sample application for loan, it can be helpful for any purpose father’s treatment domestic use or personal problem.

Letter of  Recommendation for Advance Salary Sample 

The Director Finance,

Subject: Recommendation Letter For Advance Salary

Dear Sir,
I want to drag your attention to an issue that is Mr. _______  is working with our organization since last year as a Assistant Accountant. He is sincere to his work and have always been punctual. His working skills are never faulty. He is never hesitated even of some extravaganza.
Recently, his father is not in a good health and suffering from a severe disease. For the purpose of his treatment Mr. ____ need some official help in the form of advance salary of one month. Kindly, consider upon the request. I shall be obliged.
Looking for a positive response.
Manager Accounts,
Mr. Umair Ali

Letter of  Recommendation For Advance Salary (For Personal Use)


Subject: Recommendation Letter For Advance Salary

Dear Sir,

Mr Ali, Executive Officer is working with our company since 8 years. He is devoted to his job & very competent guy. He is performing all of his duties very efficiently. I request you to please pay him 50,000 as advance salary and deduct it from his monthly salary schedule. He urgently need money for his personal use i.e renovation of home.I will be grateful to you.

Kind Regards,
Manager Marketing,
Mrs. Saima Jillani
Letter of Recommendation Sample
Letter of Recommendation Sample

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