Loan Rejection Letter

Sample of Loan Rejection Letter or Advance Salary Rejection Letter. A format of Rejection Letter which can be used for loan, advance or other reasons in order to reject any employee. Clarify the reason for which you are rejecting the loan or advance application of the employee. You can use as rejection email for loan.Templates are given below.

Sample Loan Rejection Letter

Mr. Hazel Keat.
Manager Accounts
Falcon’s Agency, USA.

Subject: Loan Rejection Letter

Dear Hazel,
This letter is to inform you that we regret to reject your loan application of US $1000. The reason is you have already taken a loan of US $2000 and the deductions are still form your monthly salary. Still $1000 are left and until and unless your balance is cleared we cannot grant another loan. As this is hard and fast rule of our organization. We hope that you will understand and your application would be accommodated later.

With Regards,

Falcon’s Agency.

Sample Loan Rejection Letter
Sample Loan Rejection Letter


Advance Loan Rejection Letter

Mrs. Margret
Finance Officer,
Falcon’s Agency, London.

Subject: Advance Loan Rejection Letter

Dear Mrs. Margret,
We are sorry to inform you that your application for advance loan of US $2000 can not be entertained by the company. We understand that you are sincere employee of our organization and you have a genuine problem but unfortunately company is facing severe crisis. As soon as we will be in stable position we will attune your request. We hope that you will cooperate.

Yours Sincerely,

Assistant Director,
Falcon’s Agency.

Advance Salary Rejection Letter

Miss. Henry Jean,
Assistant Accountant,
Dove’s Association, California

Subject: Advance Salary Rejection Letter

Dear Miss. Henry,
We regret to inform you that your application for advance salary has been rejected. Company has already given loans and advance to 30% employees and for the time being we cannot conciliate more employees further. We will consider your request soon as we will be in a position. We expect that you will collaborate.

Yours Faithfully,

Dove’s Association.

Advance Salary Rejection Letter
Advance Salary Rejection Letter

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