Application Letter for Increase Library Fund

Sample Application letter format for increase library fund. Such sample letter can be used by all the librarians who are facing troubles discourse with the high ups management in the favour of increasing fund for the books. These letters can be used by all schools, academies, colleges, universities and other related kinds of related educational departments.

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Sample Application Letter for Increase Library Fund

The Principal,
Saint Crescent Public High School and colleges system.

Subject: Application for increase in grant of library fund.

With due respect and care I wanted to impart some findings to your good self. I am a librarian in Saint Crescent Public High School and colleges system from past many years. I was and am holding the office of library very well as the fund was adequate or sometimes it surpasses the book purchasing. In the older times the inflation rate was not too high to say as compared to the current level of inflation.

Student competition in the educational field was also limited in the past because there was lesser awareness of a breasting one’s self with the ornamentation of educations. People thought only of bread and ways of earning that bread in the past. Females were not subject to advance education and the population rate was then under control so was the admission of the students in the schools then colleges and eventually their draining into the universities.

Now the scenarios are totally opposite as inflation rate is high, awareness is ample and the population rate is also near to sky! In theses current states the fund is deficient in the expensive purchases of the books. I humbly requesting you to please add up finances in the library fund so I could meet the needs of students. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Nunda Singh

Application Letter for Increase Library Fund
Application Letter for Increase Library Fund

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