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Sample Request letter for Librarian to Issue Books 

Sample request letter for librarian to issue books for
examination. Reading is a key to success and it guides people towards leadership. Libraries play a vital role in making their mental shapes and are encouraged by all. This format can be used by all and sundry.

Sample Request letter for Librarian to Issue Books

The Librarian,
Wild Wood International Library,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting librarian to issue books for examination

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Marshal Marlow and a student of Doctorate. I am needing books for the completion of my thesis from this well reputed library. Kindly issue me the books on the topics mentioned in the list attached with this request application. I could not find these books from anywhere and the deadline is arriving soon. Kindly cooperate with me in this time of need and I will be grateful to you for this kind act. Thanking you once again for your time and patience.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Marshal Marlow,
10 th May, 2018

Sample Request Letter for Librarian to issue Duplicate Library Card

The Librarian,
Allied Aster World Wide Library,
Ontario, Canada.

Subject: Requesting librarian to issue duplicate library card

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be sailing in the titanic of wealth and health and I pray to Providence to give you the same in the future. You knew that I am an ardent lover of books and you witnessed my coming here thrice a week, but unfortunately, yesterday I had lost my bag and in that was my library card as well. Kindly issue me the duplicate library card and I will pay you the penalty fee. Kindly cooperate me in this terrible times and I will be thankful to you for this generous act.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Martha Johansson,
10 th May, 2018.

Application Letter for Increase Library Fund

Sample Application letter format for increase library fund. Such sample letter can be used by all the librarians who are facing troubles discourse with the high ups management in the favour of increasing fund for the books. These letters can be used by all schools, academies, colleges, universities and other related kinds of related educational departments.

Sample Application Letter for Increase Library Fund

The Principal,
Saint Crescent Public High School and colleges system.

Subject: Application for increase in grant of library fund.

With due respect and care I wanted to impart some findings to your good self. I am a librarian in Saint Crescent Public High School and colleges system from past many years. I was and am holding the office of library very well as the fund was adequate or sometimes it surpasses the book purchasing. In the older times the inflation rate was not too high to say as compared to the current level of inflation.

Student competition in the educational field was also limited in the past because there was lesser awareness of a breasting one’s self with the ornamentation of educations. People thought only of bread and ways of earning that bread in the past. Females were not subject to advance education and the population rate was then under control so was the admission of the students in the schools then colleges and eventually their draining into the universities.

Now the scenarios are totally opposite as inflation rate is high, awareness is ample and the population rate is also near to sky! In theses current states the fund is deficient in the expensive purchases of the books. I humbly requesting you to please add up finances in the library fund so I could meet the needs of students. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Nunda Singh

Application Letter for Increase Library Fund
Application Letter for Increase Library Fund

Job Application for Librarian

Sample Job Application for the Post of  Librarian, Can be used as a cover letter of Job Application for Librarian. Simple written format for people who want to apply as a librarian or library incharge. Mention your skills and experience along with qualities. Easy format is here.

Job Application Letter for Librarian

The Administration,
Beaconhouse National University, Lahore.

Subject: Job Application for Librarian

Dear Sir,

With reference to some reliable source I have come to know about the vacant place of Librarian within your worthy and esteemed institution. It caught my interest as I do posses same experience and skills. I did my Bachelors in Library Sciences (BLS)from Oxford University and worked as an intern in English Library, London as a Junior Librarian. My responsibilities were to handle the book register, issuance of books, keep an eye on book service and condition.

I have experience of working on E-library with digital issuance of books. I have great skills of communication with English eloquence and firm attitude. I have recently completed my Masters in Library Science from Punjab University in First Division. Recently, I am working with Punjab Public Library as a library in-charge, but I am seeking for better options and working with a renowned institution like yours.  My professional life taught me many things which can glamorize my work.

Getting a chance to work with you and serve your institution would be a source of immense pleasure for me. I will prove myself to be a loyal and devoted person. I can supervise all tasks alone and can manage all library functions. My sincerity would be in front line to me. I will prove myself to be the best contender against the post. My workings will be purely for institution’s benefit. I have enclosed my resume and hope to get a positive gesture from your side.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Ali Misbah.

Job Application Letter for Librarian
Job Application Letter for Librarian

Sample Job Application Format for Librarian Post

Respected Sir,

I came to know about the open vacancy of Librarian in this huge library of city through the internet. I would like to propose my candidacy for your position of librarian. I possess all the abilities required my librarian. I am an avid reader so books are my first love and being surrounded by them is my utter dream. I know all the arrangements and management of books in the library. I have worked in the town library for two months and got to know all about the library work from there. I have communication skill that is required. I want to prove myself to you for this position.

Yours Sincerely,


Appointment Letter For Librarian

Sample appointment letter for librarian, It can be used for appointment letter for assistant librarian, librarian helper, junior librarian, senior librarian. This format used  as template appointment letter.

Appointment Letter Format  for Librarian

Company Name________

Subject:  Appointment Letter For the Post of Assistant Librarian

We are Pleased to offer you contractual employment as ‘Assistant Librarian’ for 3 years with the Kind Edward Medical University at following term & conditions.

Job Title, Designation & Responsibilities

1- You will under direct supervision of Librarian and will be responsible for the duties as specified and communicated to you by the Librarian.

2- Your employment will start with effect from the date of joining.

3- You shall  be bound by the (KEMU) rules and regulations of service as amended from time to time.

4- You shall perform, observe and conform to such duties and instructions as amended from time to time, assigned or communicated to you by KEMU.

5- You shall not accept any employment outside the KEMU as long as you are employed with KEMU.

6- You shall not divulge to any person any information pertaining to KEMU.

Salary & Benefits

In consideration of you fulfilling your responsibilities as per terms of the  appointment letter, you shall be entitled to following.

1- Salary of Rs 20,000 per month( inclusive of all allowances)

KEMU shall provide health coverage to you and your family as per rules.The terms of salary are to be kept confidential and should not be divulged under any circumstances.

Employment Terms:

The terms of employment will commence from the date of joining and shall be valid for a period of two years. On expiry of the above mentioned period this contract shall automatically stand revoked. Your probation period will be for six months from the date of joining.

Working Hours, Holidays and Absence:

College timings are 8000 hrs to 1600 hrs five days a week i.e. from Monday to Friday.

Your leave entitlement will be as per the policy. Present entitlement is as follows:-

1- Causal Leave     12 days in a calender year

2- Sick Leave            12 days in a calender year

3- Earned Leave      24 days in a calender year

Dismissal/ Termination:

After the completion of the probation period,either party may terminate the employment without cause by giving a thirty(30) days notice in writing or payment of one month gross salary. However during the probation period 24 hours notice is required by either party to terminate the contract of employment.

KEMU may terminate this employment with immediate effect on disciplinary grounds.

Your service will be terminate if you remain continuously absent from duty for 10 days working days without any intimation.

Your appointment is subject to your being found and remaining medically fit at the time of and during employment. You will be required to undergo periodical medical examinations and when decided by the KEMU , such examination decision shall be final and binding on you.

Prof. Dr. M.Zahid Rana


I _________________ Resident_________________NIC no_________hereby declares that , i have understood the terms & conditions of my employment as set out in this appointment letter of which this is a true copy. By my signatures here under, i confirm that i fully accept the said terms and conditions and i agree to abide by the terms and conditions of my employment set out in this appointment letter.