Fee Concession Letter for One Year by Student

Sample Fee Concession Letter for One Year by  medical Student.This format of application can be used by student of any institute for the purpose of fee concession. Fee concessions help in permanence of the studies and student do not have to face the discontinuity of their studies because of the financial pressure. Easy format is here.

Fee Concession Letter for One Year by Student

The Principal,
Medical College, Uttar Pradesh.

Subject: Fee Concession Request for One Year

Dear Sir/Madam.

Most Respectfully, it is stated that I am a student of Medical Science part II section B. I am studying here from a year. I stood second in first annual examination of part I. My charge sheet is clean and I have no misconduct letter in my quota. My attendance is also according to the college requirements. My father is working in a company as a manager accountant. He is having a good salary package from the company due to which he was able to pay my fee easily till now. But due to loss in company’s profit on the score of fire occurrence in equipment area. Some of my father’s colleagues also died in this incident. Company has paid some of the amount to their families as a consolation.

This price was not fully paid by the company on its own. Workers also contributed some share from their salaries. After that till now workers are not getting their full salary due to loss. Their amount will be paid to them when company will be settled down again. A period of maximum one year is proposed by the company’s owner to overcome the circumstances.

I wanted you to give me a concession in my fee for this year as it will not be possible for me to pay my full fee. All the necessary conditions are stated to you about my conditions. I will be very thankful to you for accepting my humble request. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Paden Kumar Sharma.

Fee Concession Letter for One Year by Student
Fee Concession Letter for One Year by Student

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