Appreciation Letter for Teacher

Sample Appreciation letter format for teacher. Appreciation plays crucial part in the professional excellence of the employees and such letter can be used for all teachers/lecturer of schools, academies, colleges, universities and other related kinds of related educational departments. Easy format is here of appreciation letter.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Teacher

To: Ms. Poona Partook

From: Saint Crescent Public High School and colleges system.

School management always assigned you a task in the nick of time or well before the time but you always came up with a new idea and became a soothing soul for us. We appreciate your efficiency and efficacy towards school and yours patching up of hard times with your intellect and proficiency.

A period of just two weeks was given to you to complete the task of Mega Drama event and to deliver the report to boards of director. You not only rehearsed the drama very ably and aptly but you also framed a magnificent report to the directors of board. We are all in awe and value yours in birth talent that you very sincerely pour and gave to this system of education. Board of directors and shareholders of the school and colleges are happy and want to award you with some benefits to those you deserve. In that following benefits are provided to you.

1- School and college management has awarded you with a bonus of Rs. 40 thousand.

2-Your salary has been increased to 20 per cent.

These are the few rewards awarded to you in a thanking way. School appreciates your work by giving you these rewards. We hope same effort from you in up-upcoming months. Good Luck.



Sample Appreciation Letter for Teacher
Sample Appreciation Letter for Teacher

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