Condolence Letter by Employer

Sample Condolence Letter Format by Employer. Condolence letter plays crucial part in gaining the good words of the employees,Condolence is an expression of sympathy and sorrow to someone who has suffered a loss of MOTHER, FATHER BROTHER, SISTER,WIFE such letter can be used by all stakeholders, Intel companies, Nestle groups, Multinational companies, all kinds of educational institutions and other international groups.

Sample Condolence Letter by Employer

To: Mr. Neel Dh?r

From: Good Milk Corporation.

We are very grieved to learn about the poignant event of yours mother’s death.You are a really good employee of our organization and never raised any negative words against any person or any of the company members. We expect your same obedience and humbleness towards your family and towards your mother especially as she is the soul of every house. She cared for us from the times unknown in every thin and thick situations and state of life. She is no doubt the most precious to all of us and same feelings could definitely be yours as well because you have a sensitive heart.

We cannot compensate the loss you have bear to this tragic incident but brother it’s a part of life and we must muster up enough courage to swallow such tragedies as the black strings of life. We must look forward towards life and its upcoming challenges that we faced in our day to day life. No one in this world can say that his home is without any funeral procession! We all have deaths around in our own houses and this decaying process is going to be in chain in the future to come so brother no worries about deaths.

We are always there for your help whether moral or financial. Keep a smile as you look the best in it.


Good Milk Corporation.

Sample Condolence Letter by Employer
Sample Condolence Letter by Employer

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