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Request Letter to Upgrade the Designation

Request Letter to Upgrade the Designation. Professionally everyone gets growth when he attains advance education, training or any other relevant experience. This is a sample written request letter to upgrade the designation of employee.

Request Letter to Upgrade the Designation

The vice chancellor,
Manchester School of Economics.
34 k, Manchester.

Dear Sir,

With respect and honor, it is stated that I have been employed for your school from last 4 years. I have been appointed as a Junior Teacher in your school because I was not Post Graduate and did not had experience at that time. I am writing this letter to upgrade my designation; junior teacher to senior teacher as I have now secured post graduate degree as well as had got experience of 4 years with specific training.
I am attaching my all educational and experience as well as all training certificates with this letter. Hopefully now, I am fulfilling your all requirements and criteria for the post of Senior Teacher in your school.
I am sure; you will consider my plea this time. I would be very grateful to you for the act of this kindness. You know I am very hardworking and one of most regular and punctual employee at your school. You can see my all efforts in the progress and results of my class students. When I was student of this school it was my hearted desire to teach students here. Sir, with your kindness and humbleness I put my dream into a reality. Now with your effortless support and trust I am able to apply for the most important post in this school. No doubt it is a fruit of your garden.
I have no words to say thank you for giving me a good opportunity! With the blessing of God I would try my best to perform well in future. It’s really a honor for me to work with the designation of senior teacher in this prestige school of the city.

Yours Faithfully,
Rankle Jack

Application to Upgrade Pay Scale

Sample Application to Upgrade Pay Scale. If any employee has completed or upgraded his education rather than what it was at the time of his appointment he/she can apply for the revision of his salary on the basis of education. Manageable and easy format is provided below. Alteration can be done accordingly.

Application to Upgrade Pay Scale

The HR Manager,
ABC Organization.

Subject: Application for up-gradation of pay scale

Respected Sir,

With due esteem and regard it is stated that I am working as Manager Operations in this prestigious organization since 2013.  I want to inform you that while I was appointed my basic education degree was of MBA Finance, and then I took admission in my Mphil program in Finance from LUMS. I am glad that by the grace of Almighty my Mphil program has been completed this year and I have got good grades in that. Until now my performance is ranked in good scale and I’ve recently headed USAID project successfully. Along with this, my interpersonal skills are groomed furthermore.

According to the mentioned terms in my appointment letter upon the increase in education and on the basis of working skills, revision of salary can be demanded. I want to request you to kindly review my documents and upgrade my pay scale with respect to my qualification. I hope that you will consider my request for sure. I shall be highly beholden in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Junaid Khan
Manager Operations
Contact: 000-000-000.

Application to Upgrade Pay Scale
Application to Upgrade Pay Scale