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Request Letter for Stipend Increment

Request Letter for Stipend Increment

The CEO.
United India Insurance Company,
Bombay, India.

Sub: Request of increment in stipend by manager sales
by employee

With high esteem and respect, it is stated that I am an employee of this firm for past to two years. It is my immense pleasure to be working under your supervision and professionalism. I am always ready to learn new skills and strategies and all the credit goes to you as you see the potential of work in me. I am thankful for the designation to which I am today. But, as you know that I am also designated to the job in which I give new innovative ideas and plans for the company’s project. Therefore, it is my request to you to increase my salary as it seems to be less considering to the prices of everyday goods. Handling of two designations always require more efficiency and energy and I have never out you down in this regard.
Thank you for taking attention to this matter. This kind act of yours will surly boost up my morale.

Yours Truly,
Mr, Aditiya Chopra,
18 December, 2018

Stipend Increment Letter Sample

The CEO.
United India Insurance Company,
Bombay, India.

Sub: Request of increment in stipend by sales manager

Respected Madam,

With due honor and respect, it is to state that I have been working as Manager Sales in Delta Company Limited for past three years. I have always taken strenuous and burdensome challenges on my head to make every project success. My track record of company is an evidence to my passion and dedication towards my job. Given that information above is to make a request of increment in annual salary. Recent inflation in market has made things very inflexible and stiff on pocket. Thereby, I want company to consider my efforts and achievements and raise 10% of my annual income so that I can easily support my family expenditure.
I will encourage you to look upon my achievements of projects for this company and how I pitched so many mega deals within days, but no promotion or increment has been awarded to me.
This increment will boost up my confidence on new fresh levels and will motivate me to work harder for prosperity and success of company.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Arjun Reyansh,
11th December, 2018

Letter to Tourism Department regarding Revising Policy

Sample letter to tourism department regarding revising policy for more tourist attraction. Tourism is a wide source of income as many people came to see different and magical structure of the buildings. Policies should be devise for attracting more massive multitude of people towards the places worth sight. This format is used by the persons who wish to have a proper post for the proper state. Feel free to use it, it’s all free.

Sample Letter to Tourism Department regarding Revising Policy

The Manager,
Allied International Tourism System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting tourism department regarding revising policy for more tourist attraction

Respected Sir,

How are you? I hope you will be fine and happy in your life. I extend a healthy wealthy life to you for eternity. I am an ardent lover of my country and I made myself educated enough to get myself useful for my fellow countrymen. I cannot see my people suffering, or my future generation suffering at the cost of present.

Hawk, when wish to live a longer life, compel itself to change. Change is always a better step to follow, no matter what the result. Coming to my point of concern, the tourism sector, I am frequent visitor of tourism office and to my disappointment, saw the same old policies. The bulk of tourists is same from the last many years, but no one is paying heed towards it. A revised and well planned new tourism policy can make a huge difference. It is my humble request to you that please see to this issue on personal level and come up with a nice updated policy to attract more tourists towards our country. I will be brimmed with gratification if you take a prompt action in this connection. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Liza Joy,
3 rd August, 2018.

Application to Upgrade Pay Scale

Sample Application to Upgrade Pay Scale. If any employee has completed or upgraded his education rather than what it was at the time of his appointment he/she can apply for the revision of his salary on the basis of education. Manageable and easy format is provided below. Alteration can be done accordingly.

Application to Upgrade Pay Scale

The HR Manager,
ABC Organization.

Subject: Application for up-gradation of pay scale

Respected Sir,

With due esteem and regard it is stated that I am working as Manager Operations in this prestigious organization since 2013.  I want to inform you that while I was appointed my basic education degree was of MBA Finance, and then I took admission in my Mphil program in Finance from LUMS. I am glad that by the grace of Almighty my Mphil program has been completed this year and I have got good grades in that. Until now my performance is ranked in good scale and I’ve recently headed USAID project successfully. Along with this, my interpersonal skills are groomed furthermore.

According to the mentioned terms in my appointment letter upon the increase in education and on the basis of working skills, revision of salary can be demanded. I want to request you to kindly review my documents and upgrade my pay scale with respect to my qualification. I hope that you will consider my request for sure. I shall be highly beholden in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Junaid Khan
Manager Operations
Contact: 000-000-000.

Application to Upgrade Pay Scale
Application to Upgrade Pay Scale

Sample Application for Salary Increase

This sample application for salary increment or salary revision can be used for requesting the salary rise from your boss/Manager/Director. In a written form you can mention all the details why you are asking for a salary increase.Easy format is here.

Sample Application for Salary Increase

The Executive Director Finance,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Application for salary increase

With due honour it is to state that I had joined the firm six months ago and was on probation period. At the time of appointment the management promised me to increase my salary after the due date of the probation period. Now the time has come and even one full month had gone in hope of salary increase as pledged earlier at the time of appointment.

I was not given the salary slip of increased pay as was scheduled by the management. Kindly pay special heed to my issue because it is creating nuisance in a system like this which is surely a bad sign. Please see the matter personally. I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for further perusal.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Arnav Rai
November 1, 2015

Sample Application for Salary Increase
Sample Application for Salary Increase

Salary Increment Request Application

The Principal,
Elite High School,
Abbottabad, Pakistan

Subject: salary increment by teacher

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I have been a part of this institution for the last three years and am eligible for a salary increment. I would like to point out that the school policy regarding this matter is that a teacher must
serve a minimum of three years before she is considered for an increment. I have fulfilled the stated requirement and would wish to be granted this privilege. I hope my request is entertained before the next financial year commences.

Yours Truly,

Ms Ayesha Latif
4 th November, 2016.

Salary Revision Application for Manager

Sample Salary Revision Application for Manager. If any employee wants his/her salary or allowance to be revised. He/she can use this format of application in order to apply for his/her salary revision. This application is written to the Manager dealing with your department. Your application should have to be sophisticated and mention the reason that why do you want your salary to be revised. You can ise the given template as Application for Allowance Revision as well. Format is given below.

Sample Salary Revision Application for Manager

Date:  20th February 2014

Mr. Jamshad Rana
Febcot International.

Subject: Salary Revision/ Allowance Request

Dear Sir,

I am serving esteemed organization since 2010, and at present serving in the capacity of Manager Administration Gulberg Branch. Sir I am working to the best of my abilities, overlooking multiple tasks assigned including administrative matters,transport affairs, supervising construction activities, supervising matters relating to workshops, occasionally facilitating staff and parents etc which involves extended working hours and of course all the dedication on my part. I am most humbly trying to perform up to your expectations and am grateful for the encouragement & trust entrusted in my capabilities.

To discharge my duties including effective management of transport system I am active & alert round the clock and on Sundays and holidays. I have to make very large numbers of calls from cell phone for efficient supervision. I have to work extra hours and frequently visit gulberg branch to check the staff on duties in the evening/ night and on off days in my own transport.

Sir, my salary is pending revision while my expenses have increased many folds. Kindly enhance the salary and/or allowance appropriately, sympathetically and oblige.

Yours Sincerely,

Amjad Bajwa.

Manager Administration.

Sample Salary Revision Application for Manager
Sample Salary Revision Application for Manager


Letter of Increment to Employee Sample

Letter of salary increment to employee  sample, due to good performance the management enhance the salary of employee. It can be used as Letter of salary increase to employee template. This is a free format of  annual increment  letter for official employee. You can use as sample letter of salary appraisal or format of salary appraisal letter.

Letter of Increment Sample

We are Pleased to inform you that your performance during the period of January 2011 to June 2011 has been appreciated by the management and in recognition.

You have been awarded 11.71 raise in your basic salary and over all total increment in this conesquenty your monthly salary w.e.f 1st July 2011 is

  • Basic Salary: Rs 41,110
  • House Rent: Rs 5000
  • Medical Allowance: Rs 1000
  • Gross Salary: Rs 47110
Note: Provident fund and tax deduction 47,110 will be applicable as per rules.
Best Regards,
Muhammad Ahsan Naseem
Director & Head of the Engineering

Letter of Increment Sample
Letter of Increment Sample

Letter of  Salary Appraisal

Dear Rehan Ahmed,

Based on the increment performance review-and the criteria defined by the management, i am glade to tell you that your salary has been incremented by 16.76%. You will be glade to know that this appraisal to 28.47% well above the industry average. This is on top of the overtime Rs 8,128 received during the past months( again something not commonly practices in the industry).

Please note that based on state bank of Pakistan data, the average inflation rate in Pakistan has been 10.2%. Furthermore, just to remind you, there will be or full salary Bonus in June/ July 2012. This makes your effective monthly gross salary until June/ July 2012 to be Rs 80,000 plus any overtime payments.

Lastly on behalf of the company management . I would like to congrats you on the excellent performance in the current performance period and the resultant appraisal.

  • Reviewer: President Name…..
  • Old Basic Salary: ……….
  • Old Gross Salary:………
  • New Basic Salary:……
  • New Gross Salary:…..

Best Regards,

Manager HR