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Sample Formats of Warning Emails.

Sample formats for Warning Emails from School/Coaching Center/Institution to Parents/Guardians for Late Fee Submission are below. Sample Warning Letter to Parents of Student from School . Various templates are provided which can be used as per requirement.

Sample Warning Email for Late Fee Submission by School

Greetings of the day.

Dear Parents/Guardian,

Hope this email finds you in the best of your health. This email serves as an official email from the school administration as a warning about late fee submission. Your son has been our student for the last five years and during this tenure, we are observing that his fee submission is late every time, despite various notifications and reminders. This is clearly not good for his class reputation that his name is called every time in front of other students to get his fee submitted. This email is a serious warning for you to kindly consider his fee submission a priority or else you may change his school as per your situation. This kind of attitude is intolerable as his fee for the last three months isn’t submitted yet. We hope that you will be careful about it the next time. Find attached the fee voucher for the last three months and make sure to submit it before the deadline, or else you will have to find another school for your child.




Warning Email for Delay in Fee Submission for Parents

Dear Mr. (insert name),
Guardian of (insert name), student of Grade 8th.

This email serves as an official warning email, from the school administration. It is observed that the monthly fee of students is not being paid regularly. We have already given you a fee waiver upon your request last year but since then, there exists a continuous delay in the monthly fee submission. We have been given the task of eliminating such students so that we can make up space for others. There is already so much competition regarding the seat and this practice may lead to the loss of your child’s seat. If there are any concerns, please meet the school administrator in the mentioned hours i.e., (9 am to 12 pm). Kindly acknowledge the email.

Best Regards,



Email for Late Fee Submission Warning


Hope this email finds you in the best of your health.

This is to inform you that your children’s coaching fee is late every month; moreover, the fee for the last month is pending as well. This habit is unprincipled and as the first rule of our coaching center delay in fee submission may result in the termination of the child, which is mentioned as the first rule in the admission form copy provided to you; and we obviously do not want to imply the rule. Both kids are bright students and are already availing fee waiver as scholarship, but we expect the rest amount to be paid on time as other students do. Kindly, meet the principal tomorrow in order to discuss your issue of delay in fee submission.

Kind Regards,



Warning Email for Delay in Fee Submission

Dear Parents,

This email serves as an official email to inform you about the continuous practice of delay in the fee submission of your daughter. With disappointment, we are writing this warning email that if the fee submission is delayed from now on, we shall be obliged to give her seat to some other student. We have a limited budget to maintain these special classes, and only a controlled number of students are given admission. Under these circumstances, the management can’t function with fee installments and late fee submissions.

Kindly, make sure to submit fee vouchers on time from now on. We will really appreciate the gesture. Thanking you.