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Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus

Sample Request letter format for Changing Computer Syllabus at Primary Level. Computer knowledge is thought to be the best key to success anywhere in the world. To grace the students with intellect and knowledge the subject of computer science is mandatory from the initial level of schooling. The course of computer sometimes exceeds the mental level of students and needed to be changed at least at primary level.

Sample Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus

The Course Coordinator,
Vigo Stand hill School,
Munich, Germany.

Subject: Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus at Primary Level

Respected Sir,

It is always an inspiring sight to see you happy and satisfied under such a pressured seat. The ability and work experience of yours and your staff is crystal clear and deserve no doubts. We are happy to see your team’s work and the efforts made by you in integrating the school system with such ability and fairness.

The normal schedule of syllabus and time oriented Parent Teacher Meeting was streamlined by us in our school as well. In the last three meetings the issue regarding computer syllabus were raised by the concerning parents. Some chapters in the course of computer studies for 5th standard were deemed difficult by the parents as were not compatible with the mental level of
the children.

I saw the course and spared time in teaching the students the noted chapters in hope that there might be some problem with the teaching methods. I taught them myself and held the same opinion that was of the parent. Kindly change the chapters 4, 7, 9 and 10. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Jacob Arnold
January, 26, 2016

Sample Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus
Sample Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus

Cover Letter for Computer Studies Teacher

Sample Format of Cover Letter for Computer studies Teacher.The sample is used to earn a good reputation and image building right before a go for an interview hall in any educational place. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Cover Letter for Computer Studies Teacher

The Vice Chancellor
Dhaliwal Ageratum University
Jamunabad, India

Subject: Cover Letter for Computer studies Teacher

Dear Sir,

The current 21st Century is renowned everywhere as the IT world….the world of Digital Technology. The need is increasingly going higher day by day in the realms of IT in today’s world. People are using iPod, tablets, notepads, palmtops and so on….the list is never ending.

The educational institutions are equipped with computer labs and modern laptops. The need for IT education is seek forth by all the institutions as it is now the Global village. The aim was achieved with the help of Digital technology and IT world. Global citizenship is another term used by us all around the world and again it is done
with the aid of computers.

I am a teacher of computer science studies and did my masters in the relevant field. I am fully equipped with all the dynamics of this subject and am very confident to get this job on the basis of my experience and rich academic career and background. I can teach any student and assure you with the satisfaction of that student
at intellectual level.

I am hard working, competent, dynamic and versatile in my field. No educational institute regret my appointment in their institute so far. The reason of job changing lies in my approach that we must share ideas and pull others to the top schoolings prevailing in the country. I always abide terms and conditions and I always resigned with mutual consent from my seat. Hope you will consider my resume. Delights

Yours Humbly,
Nanina Sashay

Cover Letter for Computer Studies Teacher
Cover Letter for Computer Studies Teacher

Electrical and Computer Engineer Resume

Template of Electrical and Computer Engineer Resume. Can be used as a sample resume for engineers and related people after altering or changing the content. Mention your skills accordingly, an easy sample is given below.

Sample Resume for Electrical and Computer Eengineering

Muhammad Ahmed Bajwa
Apart. # 1, Arbi Plaza near PSO, Barakahu Islamabad
Email: ahmedbajwa@outlook.com
Cellphone: +92-321-6314444

Objective: I want to find a platform where I can utilize my knowledge, talent and skill effectively and efficiently to achieve my goals and to secure a position where by hard work, dedication and the ability to acquire new skills will advantage any company I work for.


2010-2012 Master of Philosophy in Electronics (M.Phil.), Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad,
Pakistan (GPA = 4.0)
2007-2009 Master of Science in Electronics (M.Sc.), Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad,
Pakistan (2nd Position in batch)
2005-2007 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics (B.Sc.), Government College
Sahiwal, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan (3rd Position in College)
2003-2005 Intermediate in Pre-Engineering (High School, 12th Grade), Government College
Sahiwal, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Multan, Pakistan
2001-2003 Matriculation in Science (Secondary School, 10th Grade), Lasani Public High School,
Sahiwal, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Multan, Pakistan (3rd
Position in School)

Working Experiences:

Feb 13 – Present ‘CEO’ at Friends Corporate (An software outsourcing company).
May 12-Feb 13 ‘Scientific Officer’ at KRL, Federal Government of Pakistan.
Fall 2010 Instructor of ‘PHP Web Development’ (a short course) offered in Department of
Electronics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Dec 09-Mar 10 ‘PHP Web Developer’ at Server4sale, LLC, G-10/2 Islamabad, Pakistan.
Oct 09-Nov 09 ‘Design Engineer’ at Nextek Services, G-10/4 Islamabad, Pakistan.
IEEE/IET ICALIP 2014 Publication (Submitted):
Title: An Intelligent Approach for Robust Detection and Recognition of Multiple Color and
Font Styles Automobiles License Plates: A Feature-Based Algorithm.
Resume | Muhammad Usman M. Bhutta
M.Phil. Courses:
Digital Image Processing, Advance Computer Architecture (MIPS systems and working with HASE III simulator), Information Theory, Error Correcting Codes, Estimation Theory (Statistical Digital Signal Processing), Mathematical Methods, Wave Propagation and Stochastic Processes.
M.Phil. Research:
In MPhil research work, a robust real time feature-based algorithm is presented in the area of digital image processing for localization and recognition of multiple colors and font styles license plate. The algorithm uses captured images to process them for robust detection and recognition of license plate just in 2.74 sec on average.
M.Sc. Courses:
Electronics I, Electronics II, Power Electronics, Control Systems, Digital Logic and Design Embedded system and Microcontroller Programming, Computer Architecture, Modeling, Synthesis and Rapid Prototyping with V-HDL and Verilog languages, FPGA Programming, PC Assembly Programming, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Linux (Red Hat) Shell Scripting, C Language, Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Discrete time Signal Processing (DSP), Communication Theory, Electromagnetics Theory, , Physical and Quantum Electronics. Network Analysis (Basic circuit theory and Signals and systems), Advance Engineering Mathematics, Filter Designing, Amplifier Designing, working with 555 timers in Lab works.
Note: All the above mention courses are of 3 credit hours, held in Department of Electronics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
? Altera Quartus II, Alter ModelSim and Xilink ISE 8.0 ( FPGA programming and simulation )
? Intel OpenCV with Microsoft Visual Studio and MATLAB ( Digital Image Processing )
? Matlab, Fortran 77, Turbo C++, MASM, Mathematica ( Programming Tools )
? P-spice, Electronics Workbench ( Electronics Tools )
? Keil and Proteus( Microcontroller Programming )
? Linux ( UBUNTU and Red hat ) Shell Scripting
? Web development tools such as PHP, MYSQL, CSS, HTML, XML, frameworks (Zend and Joomla) and IDE such as Netbeans and Eclipse.
? Macromedia Software (Dreamweaver, Firefox, Flash) and Adobe Photoshop from Books and CDs.
? MS Office and good knowledge of internet searching and browsing.
Resume | Muhammad Usman M. Bhutta
? Lower Body Detection (Intel OpenCV)
I worked on digital image processing’s project name lower body detection at freelancer.com. I did this by using Intel OpenCV libraries and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 for compilation the code. Firstly I made around 4000 samples (both positive and negative images) and after simulating these samples, haarCascade file is made that is used in simulating code. Lower body detection worked for both real time and sample video.
? 32-Bit ALU in Altera DE2 Board
Altera DE2 Board is an FPGA board, I did project of 32-Bit ALU designing using Altera DE2 Board, which has 16 different accumulative operations for both inputs and 8 different operation for 2nd input. Firstly I wrote a code in VHDL using ALTERA ModelSim and after simulating by using Altera Quartus II, code is burned on Altera DE2 board
? Simplified MIPS Machine
I designed a simplified version of a MIPS machine and wrote Icarus Verilog programs that describe its structure and simulate its functioning. It was a liveperson project. I used structural (gate level) modeling for mostly all components. This machine has
? Four 16-bit long General Purpose Registers
? Other registers: 16-bit program counter, pipeline registers
? Instruction Memory.
? Data Memory
? ALU: 16-bit data, 3-bit control (and, or, add, sub, slt).
? Control unit implemented by behavioral modeling.
? Other components necessary to connect the main components: multiplexes and decoders implemented by gate-level modeling.

 Recognition of Objects:
While studying the Digital Image Processing during M.Phil. Studies, I worked on recognition of objects like characters in an image using Matlab. Firstly I did segmentation by applying automatic thresholding, then object recognition with component labeling and at last representation & description by applying some checks and logic on objects to represent each as a character also code of this project can recognize different font sizes character in an image.
? Computational Platform
A great project implemented in C++ about 2000~3000 lines code. This software has much easier functionality for an unknown user.
This has tools like:
? Computational tools including scientific calculator tools
? Excellent GUI (Graphics User Interface) and also has mouse handling
Resume | Muhammad Usman M. Bhutta
? Memory elements
? Sound effects
? Online helping comments
All the inputs are taken from screen, and online helping comments screen helps user at each step while working. I wrote the code of this software, during M.Sc. studies at the Department of Electronics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan.
? Banking Networking Management System
Banking Networking Management System was done in the RED HAT LINUX. We know that the Linux is commonly used in major security system like banking, military, data base system due to free, secure as well as flexible operating system. Red Hat is one of Linux base operating system. This project is done during M.Sc. studies at the Department of Electronics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan.
Honors & Certificates:
? Certificate of participation in Painting for peace (Pakistan-India-Afghanistan) event, a part of the Harmony initiative.
? Certificate of participation in Case EPICA 2013.
? Certificate of participation in Punjab Youth Festival 2012.
? Certificate of participation in Int’l Youth Conference and Festival 2011
? Certificate of participation in Asian Youth Conference and Peace Festival 2011
? Certificate of participation in Acting and Directing Theater Workshop
? Certificate of participation in National Drama Festival 2011
? Certificate for instructing short course ‘PHP Web Development’ at the Department of Electronics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
? Certificate of Running River Rafting course by Adventure Foundation of Pakistan
? Certificate of Paragliding course by QAU Adventure Club
? Award of Honor, for serving as a Finance Secretary of Electronics Student Society (ESS) at Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
Extra-Curricular Activities:
? MD of FRIENDS Corporate, Islamabad, Pakistan
? Coordinator of QAU Debating & Literary Society, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
? Member and previous coordinator of QAU Adventure Club, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
? Member of QAU Dramatic Club, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan.
Electrical and Computer Engineering related work.
Dr. Hussain Mahmood
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

2- Sample Resume for Electrical Engineer

Personal Profile:

Muhammad Arif Jan

House No.45, Ibn-E-Sina Road, J 11-3, Islamabad T: (051)2360888

E: marif89@hotmail.com

 Career Profile:

Project Management professional

 Electrical Engineering ? Information Technology

An Electrical Engineer, IT professional & PMP certified with over two decades of experience serving in the Defence Forces of Pakistan, have worked on multifarious professional assignments and technical projects. Dealt projects concerning manufacture, repair/overhaul, inspection, technical trials and evaluation. Have sound experience in projects planning, management, technical coordination, contracting and procurement. Possess advanced computer literacy in MS Office suite of packages, Primavera P6 and specialized engineering applications, strong skills in networks design and implementation. Current member of Institute of Engineers Australia and Pakistan Engineering Council.

 Personal attributes:

 Ability to build rapport with all levels of clients, customers and staff

  • Demonstrated and effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • High attention to detail coupled with the ability to follow through
  • Self starter, focused on getting right, no matter how many iterations it takes
  • Quick and efficient worker with a keen knack for solving problems fast
  • Persistent, reliable and punctual with strong organizational aptitude
  • Strong planner and organizer with confident but team focused attitude

Education & academic QUALIFICATIONs

  •  Master of Computer Science -2001 University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan
  •  Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)-1987 NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi, Pakistan
  •  Bachelor of Science (Physics & Math) – 1983 PMA Kakul, Pakistan
  •  SCADA & PLC – 2012             Skilled Development Council Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Diploma of Information Technology (Networking)-2011, Polytechnic West, Australia

Professional Experience:

 8/2005 – 3/2008: Assistant Director Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Heavy Industries Taxila, Government of Pakistan

 Key Responsibilities:

Plan and execute maintenance activities concerning electrical/electronic equipment/ assets

  • Maintain a centralized record of repairable machinery, tools & test equipment  and initiate  appropriate actions for its timely repair using local resources  and through private contractors
  • Prepare and interpret specifications, drawings and regulations, ensure that completed works meet specifications and safety standards
  • Design and produce drawings of electrical systems
  • Workout delivery and installation schedules for electrical equipment, propose improvement in the existing electrical systems
  • Briefing to senior management about the progress of maintenance, inspection and repair activities and miscellaneous technical and administrative tasks
  • Human resource management,
  • Procurement, contracts management & technical coordination

10/2001-7/2005: Assistant Director Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

 Central Workshop, EME, Pakistan Army

 Key Responsibilities:

Planning, cost estimating and scheduling of the repair and overhauling tasks pertaining to electrical ,telecommunication and electro medical equipment

  • Supervise and control project teams for smooth running of manufacturing & equipment overhaul activities, ensure availability of appropriate work environment and application of recommended engineering principles & processes
  • Ensure that the project works comply the conditions and parameters as laid down in the scope of project,
  • Monitor and control costs & schedules against budgets and time frames
  • Guidance & mentoring to engineers, technicians and administration staff
  • Consultations with subordinate engineers and liaise with engineers of other disciplines
  • Communicate and liaise with contractors ,suppliers and stakeholders
  • Assist in diagnosing faults in equipment & devices
  • Check and analyse drawings & engineering documents, conduct defect analysis and recommend mitigation measures
  • Briefing to senior management on the progress of miscellaneous assignments

6/1996-5/1998: Electrical Engineer

Field Maintenance & Repair Workshop,

Maintenance & Technical Support Division, Pakistan Army

 Key Responsibilities:

As an electrical engineer manage a team of tradesperson/technicians in a repair and maintenance group of Workshop

  • Plan ,schedule and supervise maintenance and repair projects pertaining to telecommunication and electrical equipment
  • Mentoring to technicians and administrative staff, function as technical adviser to senior management
  • Prepare & issue preventive and periodic maintenance instructions
  • Defect analysis and investigation of equipment failure

10/1993-5/1996: Electrical Engineer

 Inspectorate of Electronics & Instruments (IE&I), Pakistan Army

 Key Responsibilities:

Manage the Electronics & Instruments Group, conduct tests, trials and evaluation of electrical/electronic equipment and instruments

  • Review and maintain drawings, specifications and technical documentations related to electrical and electronics equipment
  • Write technical manuals and trial reports for user’s guidance, computerize record of inspections and catalogue electronics, instruments and computer equipment
  • Interact with engineers and technical staff for defect analysis and investigation
  • Suggest improvements and upgrades to electrical/electronic equipment

 7/1988-9/1993: Electrical Engineer

Field Maintenance & Repair Workshop,

Maintenance & Technical Support Division, Pakistan Army

 Key Responsibilities:

Manage and supervise technical activities involving inspections, maintenance & repair of  miscellaneous electrical equipment and devices

  • Conduct inspection, examination, technical trials and evaluation of equipment ,compile instructions for preventive and periodic maintenance, prepare inspection documents
  • Troubleshoot on electrical equipment/assemblies
  • Schedule and manage repair & calibration of Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment(TMDE)
  • Ensure upkeep of tools, gauges and diagnostic equipment, devise solutions to technical problems
  • Ensure compliance of quality assurance procedures and techniques
  • Motivate, mentor and lead technical and administrative staff
  • Maintain inventory of equipment, stores and spare parts, assist in procurement process

Professional AFFILIATIONS:

  • Member Engineers Australia (MIEAust)
  • Member Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Professional Engineer Registration number: ELECT/8269


Available on request


Sample Resume for Computer Department Job

Sample  CV for computer jobs for IT manager or computer related job. You can  use  this resume for engineering vacancy as well.

Sample  CV  For IT Job


Muhammad Shakil
A person who works well within a team environment, a good timekeeper with a willingness to learn new skills to improve efficiency and possessing adaptable attitude.
DAWNNEWS TV   Lahore                                          Nov 2007 – to date
Role:    I.T Officer
Operational Responsibilities:
·         Managing , Configuring and Troubleshooting LAN/WLAN
·         Troubleshooting and Maintenance of  Cisco Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points and Windows Servers, Desktop PCs and Printers
·         Monitoring Network Nodes and  LAN / WAN connectivity
·         IT Help Desk Support
·         Installing,  Troubleshooting , Configuring and  Maintenance of  Apple Macintosh OS X and Windows based Machines
·         Support Media Archival Services
NADRA – Government of Pakistan                           March 2005 – Nov 2007
Role:    Rigger/LAN Engineer
Operational Responsibilities:
·         Member of network team at NADRA Provincial Headquarters (PHQ) Lahore, responsible for Managing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting LAN
·         Installation and configuration of satellite terminals for NADRA satellite networks using DVB-RCS technology
·         Technical Support for WAN connectivity to Local and Remote NSRCs (NADRA Swift Registration Centers) connecting NADRA Networks through Dialup, DSL, VPDN, WLL and Satellite.
·         Troubleshooting and technical support for 60 KIOSK sites in Lahore Region.
·         Technical support to Corporate Clients for NADRA Verisys System.
·         Support for various on going and upcoming NADRA projects
Hardware Engineer     SYSTEC TECHNOLIGIES                                       April2002–2003
                                      344, Block 5, Sector D-I, Town Ship, Lahore
Computer Operator     TUR  PRINTERS (PVT) Ltd.                                               April 2000–Jan 2001
                                      2A, Royal Park, Abbott Rd. Lahore
M Sc Physics                                    Punjab University                                                                                            1998
B. Sc.                                                    PunjabUniversity                                                                                             1995
(Stat Math Phy)
F. Sc.                                                    B.I.S.E Lahore                                                                                                   1992
Matriculation                                 B.I.S.E Lahore                                                                                                    1989
Certifications and Trainings
SkyARCS DVB-RCS           ND SatCom Germany                                          2007
                                    NADRA Headquarters Islamabad
CCNA 3.0                 National Engineers Training Services                                    2005
                                    10-Saint Mary’s Park, Gulberg III, Lahore
ADT                            National Engineers Training Services                                    2005
Coursework includes: PTCL infrastructure, VoIP, DSL Technologies, DXX,
Network Security, Wireless LAN, Routers & Switches
Advance Edge         Edge Systems International                                          2001
Coursework includes: Programming Techniques, Visual Basic 6, Oracle 8.0.5 and Web Development
Computer                Brains College of  I.T                                                       2002
Hardware                Queens Road, Lahore
                Name                          MUHAMMAD SHAKIL
            Father Name
            Religion                      ISLAM
            Nationality                  PAKISTANI
            NIC Number
Will be furnished on request.

2 -Sample Resume for  IT Department 


                                                       Arooj  Masood   Contact Information

Home Address: 114-C Gulberg LahorePhone Number: 042-35751460 ,  92-323-4172744Email ID:           nicegirl_urooj@yahoo.comprincessayat@gmail.com




 Personal Information


Name: Arooj Masood
Father Name: Masood Hassan Qadri
Nationality: Pakistani
Resident of: Lahore, Pakistan
Birth Date: 6th November, 1989
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 23 Years



Academic Education:    

MS-CS-Net Centric Operations: 2011-2013    Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.

BS-CS (Hons): 2007-2011    Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.

Intermediate (ICS): 2005-2007    Govt. College for Women Gulberg, Lahore.

Metric (Science): 2004-2005     Govt. Girls High School Lahore

Career Objective:

To Perform in Profession efficiently and to contribute performance growth and development of my dynamic organization through team work and utilizing my skills effectively and efficiently.


 Languages and Tools Based Knowledge
Desktop Languages

  •          C
  •          C++
  •          Intel 8086 Assembly
  •          Visual Basic.Net
  •          C#.Net
  •          Prolog


Web Based Languages

  •          Html
  •          Java
  •          ASP.Net
  •          ASP.NET Web- Services
  •          Java SDK
  •          KSoap 2.2


DB Related

  •          SQL Server
  •          Oracle 8.0i
  •          Oracle Developer
  •          MS Access 2010




  •          Rational Rose
  •          Erwin Data Modeler
  •          Microsoft Visio
  •          Microsoft Access
  •          MASM Assembler
  •          DreamViewer MX
  •          Intellij IDE
  •          Android SDK

Version: 4.0.3





 Semesters Projects


  • LeaveApp for Smart Phone in Android SDK (Version: 4.0.3) as Semester Project of Wireless and Mobile Computing MS-II
  • Tic Tac Toe game as Semester Project of Programming Fundamental.
  • Typing Master game as Semester Project of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Film Making System as Semester Project in JAVA.
  • TESOL Examination System as Semester project of Visual Basic.Net
  • Student Information System as Semester project of Databases.
  • Microwave Control System as Semester Project of Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • Pay and Display Parking System as Semester project of Software Engineering
  • PTCL Network System as Semester project of  Data Communication and Networking
  • Windows messenger as Semester project of System Programming in Visual Studio C#.

Parser in C# as a Semester Project of Compiler Construction.

 Other Skills:

  •  Drama Club Member (2004-2005) in Govt. Girls High School Lahore.
  • Management (2004-2005) in Govt. Girls High School
  • Seminar of intellisence in Lahore College for Women University.
  • Workshop in Oracle 8.0i
  • Seminar on Softech in Lahore College for Women University.
  • Seminar on Wimax organized by Wateen, PTA and Information Technology Ministry.
  • Training on Career Development
 Final Year Project BSCS


Image Stitching project Creation of Virtual Tour. (C#.Net)

The purpose is to create dynamic virtual tours by capturing live videos from surroundings and to generate software will be capable to stitch those video streams in order to create a panorama of 360 degree and create a dynamic virtual tour. The major concepts are as follows:

  •          Run-time video capturing and stitching.
  •          Providing a 360 degree panorama.
  •          Creation of virtual tour at street level.



 MSCS Thesis



An Efficient Handoff Scheme for WLAN Technologies (IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n)

  •          The handoff latency has been reduced for the real-time applications i.e., voice over IP
  •          The probe delay has been improved efficiently
  •          The latency at medium access control layer has been analyzed and reduced


  •  Programming
  • Teaching
  • Databases
  • Computer Games
  • Badminton


Domestic References are available on demand