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Sample Job Application for Computer Programmer from Home

Sample Job Application for Computer Programmer from Home

The CEO,
California, United States of America.

Subject: An application for working as a female computer
programmer from home

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you sir? Hoping you will be safe and sound at your place. In this era of uncertainty, I am here with a surety and a firm faith in my abilities as a computer programmer. I am experienced in working on debugging, coding, decoding, trouble shooting and maintaining database system. Your advertisement states the same expertise which this company needed on urgent basis. I am ready to work from home at your prescribed time period, which is too long, but I am passionate towards my work. Please find my CV and achievement folder attached with this application.
Thanking in anticipation of a positive response.

Yours Sincere,
Lia Ton,
20th June, 2020

Job Application for Web Developer from Home

The CEO,
California, United States of America.

Subject: An application for working as a male computer
programmer from home

Respected Sir.

Good Day! Mr. CEO, I have heard a lot of good words regarding your character and personality, and earnestly waiting to find a chance to meet you or work with you. I am here to apply for the post of computer programmer and specifically expert in the area of designing and testing the computer designing, editing source code, writing computer instructions, editing and testing computer structures, analyzing and profiling algorithm. In me, you can find a package of this entire abilities, you are looking for. Before hiring, do test my abilities whenever and wherever you want to. Thank you for your patience and time.

Yours Truly,
Rev Keon,
24th June, 2020


Cover Letter for Computer Studies Teacher

Sample Format of Cover Letter for Computer studies Teacher.The sample is used to earn a good reputation and image building right before a go for an interview hall in any educational place. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Cover Letter for Computer Studies Teacher

The Vice Chancellor
Dhaliwal Ageratum University
Jamunabad, India

Subject: Cover Letter for Computer studies Teacher

Dear Sir,

The current 21st Century is renowned everywhere as the IT world….the world of Digital Technology. The need is increasingly going higher day by day in the realms of IT in today’s world. People are using iPod, tablets, notepads, palmtops and so on….the list is never ending.

The educational institutions are equipped with computer labs and modern laptops. The need for IT education is seek forth by all the institutions as it is now the Global village. The aim was achieved with the help of Digital technology and IT world. Global citizenship is another term used by us all around the world and again it is done
with the aid of computers.

I am a teacher of computer science studies and did my masters in the relevant field. I am fully equipped with all the dynamics of this subject and am very confident to get this job on the basis of my experience and rich academic career and background. I can teach any student and assure you with the satisfaction of that student
at intellectual level.

I am hard working, competent, dynamic and versatile in my field. No educational institute regret my appointment in their institute so far. The reason of job changing lies in my approach that we must share ideas and pull others to the top schoolings prevailing in the country. I always abide terms and conditions and I always resigned with mutual consent from my seat. Hope you will consider my resume. Delights

Yours Humbly,
Nanina Sashay

Cover Letter for Computer Studies Teacher
Cover Letter for Computer Studies Teacher

Job Application for Business Analyst

Sample Job Application for Business Analyst, person who runs the analysis of a organization, designs processes , assess business models. Such person should have to be very active and smart enough. Format of job’s application for  business analyst is given, can also be used as a Cover Letter of Job Application for Business Analyst. Changes can be done as per use and requirements.

Job Application Letter for Business Analyst

Mr. Akbar Khalil.
Manager Finance.
ABC Organization, Lahore.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Job Application for Business Analyst

I have come to write you in accordance with your advertised vacancy for the post of business analyst. Enclosure contains my resume for your kind consideration. I have recently done BA (Hons) course in Business Economics at Punjab University. I am currently doing internship in an organization. I have always wanted to pursue a career as an economist within an international environment and have been able to tailor my studies to that end. I have always been good at my subjects and practical knowledge as well.  Economic Data Analysis and Economics of Business Strategy are at my finger tips.

I have eloquent communication skills and experience of handling work under stressful conditions. My IT skills are up to date (including MS Excel and Access) and I am competent in a wide range of business data analysis operations. I can manage good relations with other companies and clients and being an active member during my practical knowledge I learnt to maintain the capabilities for the required position.

I am eager to join your organization, as the post would be ideal for me and as per my passion and interest. Opportunity given to me would be a source of pleasure and I would provide all my services for organizational growth and benefit. I will prove myself to be loyal and pure. I am looking forward to have a good response.

Yours sincerely,

Sidra  Mateen.

Job Application Letter for Business Analyst
Job Application Letter for Business Analyst

Experience Letter for Computer Operator

Sample written format of Experience letter for computer operator, an easy simple template to be used in order to write up experience letter. Showing his working skills, capabilities and experience. Changes can be done as per the capabilities of employee.

Experience Letter for Computer Operator


To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Miss. Irsa Idrees was serving our organization since 10th May, 2010 to 1st September, 2013 as a Computer Operator for three years. She was associated to manage all computer work, along with making data sheets and maintenance of record. She was linked up with management and technical work too.

Within her working tenure we found her enthusiastic and motivated person. She did all the work with effectiveness and showed her sincerity. Her devotion was prominent in her work. We wish her very best for her career and she will definitely prove to be an asset.

Warm Regards,

Signatory.  ____________

Experience Letter for Computer Operator
Experience Letter for Computer Operator

Sample Experience Letter for Computer Operator


To Whomsoever It May Concern

This certifies that Mr. Akbar Jalal, worked in our organization as an computer operator for two years since 4th May,2012 to 6th September, 2014. He served his best during this time period. He was a responsible person along with efficient computer skills. His skills were provoking

He proved himself to be the best choice as an employee. He was respectable at his place is sincerity worth enough. This letter is issued upon his request. We wish him good luck for future.





Cover Letter for Computer Operator

Sample job application for the post of computer operator or Cover Letter for Computer Operator. It can be used for people related to IT filed, or who want to apply as a computer operator. Mention your skills and experience accordingly. Also used as an cover letter for the position of computer operator along with your resume. It can also used as application format for the post of computer operator/ IT manager .

Job Application for Computer Operator

The Finance Director ,
Elmetec Pvt Ltd
119-km Ferozpur Road, Lahore.

Subject: Job Application for Computer Operator

Dear Sir,

I am submitting my written application to show my keen interest for the position of computer operator, currently available within your organization. I saw the advertisement of Elmetec Pvt Ltd Organization in Sunday’s newspaper on 23-11-14. It was really eye catching for me as I am working for the same position since last four years and I am looking for far more better opportunity since a long time.

I would like to be considered for this mentioned post as the job specifications you have mentioned, seems perfect to me  and I have got skills and sufficient training necessary to fill this position and be a valued member in your worthy organization. I consider myself an appropriate match according to your requirement.

I am aware of various extravaganza skills including knowledge of computer applications,software, operating system, hardware operation and network configuration. I am highly skilled in using Microsoft office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). I am capable of using peripheral equipment. I can operate all types of computers and auxiliary equipment.

Enclosed is my Resume showing my career history, qualification and working skills.I can contribute in the growth of your organization, a chance of meeting in person would be a great opportunity. I shall be looking forward to your response.

Thanking you for your precious time.

Yours sincerely,

Sample Application Letter for the Post of Computer Operator
Sample Application Letter for the Post of Computer Operator


Cover Letter for Computer Operator

Managing Director,
Falcon’s Agency, Montreal.

Subject: Cover Letter for Computer Operator

Dear Sir,
Hope to find you in a good health. Through some reliable source I have come to know about the vacancy of computer operator. It was of my interest as I am freshly Graduate in MS. Computer Sciences from Howard University and  doing internship in renowned organization.

I achieve every task assigned to me taking it serious and being loyal to it.I do have excellent written and verbal communication skills, which I can utilize to be a work oriented person.I am able to do multitasking, overtime and work under stress condition doesn’t break my tempo. 

  • I have done auto-cad diploma of one year.
  • I am Certified Microsoft Professional.
  • I have done advance diploma in computer operations.

I have enclosed my resume for your kind review. If you find me eligible you may contact me. I shall prove myself to be the best person for this position.

With Warm Regards,

John Edward.
Email: johnedward@gmail.com

Application For the Post of Computer Operator/ Office Assistant

The Manager,
Human Resources,
Milkpak Limited,
308-309 Upper Mall Lahore.

Subject: Application for the Post of Computer Operator

Respected Sir,

In response to your advertisement in ‘The News’ dated 27th February 2015, I enclose my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment with your organization. I have completed my Computer Operator/Office Assistant Course from Vacational Training Institute Bahawal Nagar. I am also ready to work as a trainee. I hope you will consider my case favourably. If selected I, assure you that, I shall do my best to give you full satisfaction with my work and behaviour.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Shahzad Khan
House No. 55/B Jinnah Colony, Jail Road , Bahawal Nagar.
Dated: 15-3-2015