Sample Declaration Letter to Staff of Eidi

Sample Declaration letter to staff of Eidi. Incentives are a matter of honour, but getting Eidi from the chairman is matter of happiness and feast. This declaration letter format is a guiding star for the searching personnel.

Sample Declaration Letter to Staff of Eidi

The Teaching, Ancillary and Clerical Staff,
Wise Brains Holster School System,
Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject: Declaration letter to staff of Eidi

Dear Employees,

Hailing for all us are being sent in this holy month of Ramadan by the Providence. Thank trillion times to our beneficent and ever generous God for loving us and blessing us with His countless bounties.

In virtue, we as Muslim, should try to imitate the qualities of our gracious Lord (the King of all Kings and the most powerful Deity.) this year I decided to do so and here I am going to announce the Eidi package for my lovely and dedicated team of WBHSS!

I devised a formula for the allotment of Eidi package to each individual grade wise. Kindly read the following and find your scale and package in accordance:

Teaching Staff:

Grade 1-10 will get 3 per cent on their net salary.
Grade 11-15 will get half salary on their net salary
Grade 16 and above will get 20 per cent on their basic salary.

Ancillary Staff:

The entire staff will get a cash of rupee 5000 and free ration hamper per head as an Eidi package on this Eid.

Clerical Staff:

In the category of clerical staff right from fee voucher making to accounts manager all will get a bonus of 10,000 as an Eidi package.I hope my step of giving Eidi will suffice your heart and will meet up the needs of the Eid as well. Thank you and enjoy.

3 rd June, 2017.

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