New product Announcement Letter

New product Announcement Letter. When a company announces a new service or a new product, there are many ways to publicize it. One easy way to write a product/service announcement letter. This is a sample format how to write a letter for the announcement of new product.

New product Announcement Letter

Mr. Young yak
Sweden, Australia

Subject: New product Announcement Letter

Dear Sir,

Sir, Mr. Young Yak, Chief Marketing Manager of Palls International, I, Mr. Brook with extreme Pleasure wants to notify you that our company’s new soft drink is ready to launch. We are sure that our product launch marketing ideas are going to be effective enough. The our journey of launching a new soft drink presents a few challenges; but our team devotion, hard work and passionate efforts defeat them and made our dream true .
With the success of this product we may also overcome our competitive; this product would be a useful provider of support and inspiration for growing our business. Now I want to high light the some important features of our soft drink;
1- This soft drink would be available in the market in flavors of orange, strawberry, mango and punch of fruits.
2– The soft drink would be available in bottles and cane packing’s.
3-  The price of the soft drink would be $3.00.
4– The name of our soft drink would be “ yoyos Drink”.
I am glad to share the report of our survey which we made among our valued customers. According to our survey not only are regular customers are anxiously waiting for this new soft drinks but other than our valued customers are interested in this new drink.
I look forward to meet you and discuss some other details.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Brook

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