Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

Sample Letter of Congratulation for Business Anniversary.This easy format of the letter can be used by people who wished to wish their loved ones for their business success. Necessary changes can be done according to requirement.

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Sample Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

The Chairperson
Core Steel industries limited
Tokyo, Japan.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation for Business Anniversary

Respected sir,

I hope you will be sailing in good boat of health and gliding in air for your tremendous success in business! I am writing this letter of congratulation to you on the behalf of my staff and all of us wanted to show our happiness and sense of
achievement with you in this journey of success.

We cherished the day when we were appointed by you in this company and said us to invest the energies in this newborn company and from that day to its first anniversary you kept on our backs constantly encouraging us and bucking us up in the time of darkness. We remembered the days when we came up and down with the business upheavals. The days were hectic and trying at that time but now when we had passed those times and tasted the fruit of our efforts and patience we are feeling overjoyed and proud to some extent.

Sir, we owe you a great deal of love and respect and we, as staff, has arranged a tea party to celebrate this tremendous success. We are looking forward for your approval and coming to this party at 5:00 PM by Monday. Accept our wishes and prayers for yourself and for your family and friends as well. We love you so much.

Best Regards,
Team of Mechanics,
Executive staff,
March 4, 2016

Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary
Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

Business Anniversary Congratulations Letter

Dear Liam,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on the anniversary of your business. I still remember how it all started as a small startup and look at now, it’s all flourished. All credit goes to you for the input and effort putting into the business.
It is not cup of coffee to run a business, it requires proper time and attention. I am really happy for you that you took every challenge and obstacle and prove everyone against you wrong. I am impressed that you left no page un-turned to keep the worth of your words intact.


Youn Tenry

General Manager

Allied Industries.

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