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Alumni Invitation Letter

Alumni Invitation Letter. Sample invitation letter to alumni students for annual dinner. Invitations are meant to keep good and healthy relations with others. Formal dinners are joyful moments for the alumnus of the universities as such dinner invitations get them under one roof after a time period. This easy format can be used for the purpose of inviting old graduates.

Alumni Invitation Letter



It is an immense pleasure to crack the news of dinner that we
will be throwing in coming few days. University is hosting an annual dinner on 27th February, 2018 at 7:00 pm sharp. We want the pleasure of your presence in the annual dinner.
We are hosting a theme based dinner party, but purely formal in its
essence. You are requested to please come in the black suiting and holding a white rose or tulip in your hand and don’t forget to wear a pleasant mask and do take active part in locating your old pals. Be perfumed yourself with decent cologne.

We had witnessed and noticed that we had not met with each
other from quite a long time period and so will be the case with your own selves as you will be definitely missing your old buddies and want to see and meet them. You will spend quality time with your friends and will drift away from the busy routine of your life. This occasion is important as it is pearling you all together in a string.

Do give a wake-up call to all the alumnus of this institute as we
may miss some of our old students, but we do not wish to escape them at this important and historic dinner. Best of luck and have a great day!

Annual Dinner Invitation Email Sample

Annual Dinner Invitation Letter to all staff members for annual dinner. Below there is a sample of business dinner invitation letter.This invitation from administration to School,Office/Company/Factory staff members. Annual Dinner very important event for professionals. Necessary changes can be done according to need. Easy format of email is here.

Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff

In the name of ALLAH the most merciful the most compassionate.

Asalaam-o-Alaikum Dear Staff members!

We hope you all will be sound in health by all means and be such for your whole lives. Stay blessed ever. School routines are quite tedious a work, no doubt. For the whole year you- as backbone of our institute steadfastly stood in thin and thick with us and fulfilled all the duties assigned to you. We are highly grateful for your cooperation and put more trust in your inborn as well as polished skills and intelligence. Weekends breaks are like delicious cupcakes for all of you people and summer breaks are certainly a tremendous hi-tea with all its charm and charismatic display. Here we are offering our gratitude by inviting your good and highly prized souls on Annual Dinner. Memories are one such thing that never fades and it is said that

Friends are memorie and by throwing a party we are actually stringing the pearls of your memories in the most cherished pearly necklace of yours! All of you are invited and please follow the dress code befitted to your profession. Cuisine is very calculatedly selected keeping in mind the flavours and taste of our highly appreciated staff. No charges are supposed to be taken from you and timings are—–pm to —– pm.

Some safety measures are to be taken by you in favour of your own well-being. We hope compliance from your part. Please bring your original CNIC card and school ID card stripped and hanged in your neck for checking convenience. Have fun and enjoy to your best of mood.



Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff
Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff