Leave Application for Internship

Sample Leave Application for Internship . For students, volunteers or interns which are students in any college, university or even school. If they need to get leave from the organization the following given sample of Leave Applications for Internship can be used. In case of exams or any other emergency given templates of leave application can be used.

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Leave Application for Internship Students Sample

Respected Director,

It is to be stated that, I was absent for two days 1st July and 2nd July due to the holding of  my interview in the beacon house Gulberg campus and LGS Johar Town Campus.

The interview was important and not to be delayed which, If cause admission problems for the students. So, kindly do not declare me absent. I will be very thankful to you for this kind of act.

Simra Ali


Leave Application for Teacher From Parents

The Section Head,

Subject: Absent Explanation

It is stated that my daughter Rania Malik is doing internship in your well known institute on 25th June 2014, she was not well due to some health issues,so she could not attend the institute. It is requested that one day leave for 25th June may please be granted,

Yours Truly,

Ahsan Malik

Sample Leave Application for Volunteers

Respected Social Community Advisor,

It is stated that me Mirza Ramiz Ahmed is doing internship in this institute. It will started from Monday, and there is an emergency that I have to go to Faisalabad on Monday.

So, I need one day lave. My sister Dua Ahmed also doing same task and she will  be also unable to attend the first day. Kindly grant us one day leave. I shall be very thankful to you for nice gesture.


Ramiz Ahmed

Registration Number: 2345

Sample Leave Application for Volunteers
Sample Leave Application for Volunteers



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