Wrong Parking Fine Letter

Sample Wrong Parking Fine Letter. Rules and regulation are made for the safety of everyone. People must follow them to avoid an accident or other uncomfortable situation. If someone found guilty and failed to follow the rules once must be punished to maintain the discipline. Traffic rules are very strict because failure to follow them may lead to major loss and creates problem for other people.

Wrong Parking Fine Letter

The traffic Police Director,
City Traffic department,

Subject: Wrong Parking Fine Letter

Honored Sir,

With guilt and shame, I, Mr. Kelly, am very sorry for parking my car at not parking area. With due respect and honor I would like to ask for apology. I make sure that it would not happen again anywhere in the town. Sir at that time it was really a medical emergency, my mother suddenly got panic attack and in that situation I park my car at wrong area. I understand it created problem for other traffic and constables as well. I take full responsibility of my action and promise you it would not happen again. I know it’s a serious offense, can cause harm to others.
I have paid the fine of wrong parking and submitted the slip in your department, now issued me a clearance letter so that I can pursue other things as well. I am waiting for your action. Kindly issue me a fine clearance letter as soon as possible as I had already mention there is a medical emergency with my mother due to panic attack. I would really appreciate your act.
All details of medical emergency treatment of my mother are enclosed with this letter. If you need any other evidence please contact me. My contact number is 00987890. Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Kelly

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