Financial Aid Appeal Letter

Financial Aid Appeal Letter. Life is full of ups and downs. To fulfill basic necessities of life once need money that is basic commodity. When life shows you bad face, you can look for financial aid. There are many people who can help you out in these situations. Following is a written easy format for financial aid/help appeal from the organization.

Financial Aid Appeal Letter

The finance Manager,
Welfare for people of need

Subject: Financial help appeal letter

Respected Sir,

It is stated that my mother is only source of income in our home. She is employed in your organization from last 2 years. Her salary is about $200 per week. Unfortunately last month during working hours she got major cardio vascular attack. She was admitted to hospital for 15 days. All hospitalization bills were paid by your organization. Doctors had advised her complete bed rest and avoid all stress and constraints to get well soon along with medications.
Sir we are two sisters both are studying in high school. There is no other source of income in our home. We are grateful that you are paying salary of my mother but sir as you know my mother is ill and this salary is not enough in these circumstances.

I request you for some more financial help so that we can manage our things in time of such need. I know you are already doing a lot for us but we are extremely facing bad phase of our life. If you would consider my plea I shall be very thankful to you. Otherwise we both sisters would have to terminate our education and this will lead more stress to our mother. In these extenuating circumstances I can only make appeal of help from you. Your help would be greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you in advance for considering my request.

Yours Truly,
Ms Samba

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