Accident Claim letter from Insurance Company

Accident Claim letter from Insurance Company. This  format is helpful for the persons who wanted to do claim for car accident from the insurance companies.

Accident Claim letter from Insurance Company

The Manager,
Life Stake Insurance Company,London, United Kingdom

Subject: Accident Claim letter

Dear Sir,

With due respect and decorum it is to inform you that on January 01, 2017,I was hurt in a car accident. I was going towards west on Hornsby Lane and halt at the Red traffic sign at the crossroads with High gate Hill Road. While I was stopped, the car coming from sideways bashed into me! The force of the blow threw me forward against my shoulder fetters, and my head hit forward and back. I was in unbearable and unexplainable pain at that time and the time to come in near future as well.

I was in utmost pain for the next six days. The doctor advised me to take rest for another week so that my cervical collar could be removed, but I went on job as I cannot miss the office anymore. Doctor advised me to stay back for a month, but it would have cost me financial depression which I cannot afford.

I went through a tedious medical treatment and doctors charged me handsomely for my wounds.The medical operating cost for my treatment in the hospital is exposed in the enclosed medical as well my billing records are attached with this claim letter for your kind review.

The laxity of the car driver made me went through a period of utter pain and restlessness. It affected my normal life and work style. Through this claim I want to demand compensation money for my wounds and hospital expenses from your prestigious company.I will be brimmed with gratification if you reply me back as soon as possible via demand money as written in the accident claim letter.

Yours Truly,

John Dewey
3 rd January, 2017

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