Termination Letter for School Teacher

Termination Letter for School Teacher Sample. This letter can be used by the school authorities when they are terminating any teacher for a specific valid reason. They can use this letter to inform the teacher about her termination in a polite manner. School management can use this format of termination letter.

Sample Termination Letter for School Teacher

Dear Miss Sajal Akmal,

We feel sorry to inform you that your teaching career in our institution is going to end this month as we are issuing a formal termination letter for you. However, we feel bad about it since we have developed a family type relationship with you. The reason for this prompt termination is that we have been receiving complaints about you from both the students and their parents. The complaints were mainly about your rude behavior towards your students and discrimination and favoritism amongst the students. Moreover, we have also received so many complaints about your poor teaching skills and methods from students and parents.

Many students have left this school just because they were not getting good grades because of your poor teaching material. Many students have also complained that you are not very regular and you miss many classes which is not good for our institution since it is losing its popularity and goodwill because students are switching towards other schools.

So it is being requested to you that you resign from our school as soon as possible so that a strict action does not take place against you. We have already hired another teacher in your replacement so you do not need to spend more days in school. We hope that you find a better future ahead.


LACAS International.

Sample Termination Letter for School Teacher
Sample Termination Letter for School Teacher


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