Termination Letter for Employee

Termination Letter for Employee not a good fit.This letter is written in order to inform an employee about his termination due to any particular reason being identified in the company. This format of termination letter can be used due to absenteeism or due to misconduct /poor performance etc.

Termination Letter for Employee Sample

Dear Mr. Gorege Patal,

This letter is being written to you in order to inform you that your employment services will be terminated from next week of this month. This decision has not been taken promptly, you have been warned several other times about your lack of interest in work and irregularity and non-punctuality at work. You have been absent from work many times and you have always given excuses. We have warned you even before but you did not take it seriously. Moreover, your poor work performance has also forced us to take this action since your leaves are more than what is allowed to have in a year and you are not doing anything good for the company.

This decision has been taken by the Board of Directors and no favoritism has been done by any employee. The decision is purely dependent on your work performance and your number of absence in office.

However, we still are grateful to you for your services until now but we regret to inform you that you will have to leave the company immediately as such kind of behavior shall not be acceptable at workplace. We wish you luck for your future and we hope that you will learn from your mistakes and that you find a better employment opportunity ahead. Attached is your salary for this month and you are requested to fulfill all other necessary process.


Rohail Mehra
Tetra Pak. pvt ltd

Termination Letter for Employee Sample
Termination Letter for Employee Sample


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