Full and Final Settlement Letter after Resignation

Final Settlement Letter after Resignation.This letter may be written by those employees who have been a part of a certain company, and after resignation they are asking for the full and final settlement of payments or dues which have to be settled by the company. Format is given below.

Request Final Settlement Letter after Resignation

Mr. Ahsan Shah
Finance Manager,
Eco West Enterprises.

Dear Sir,

I have been an employee at your company from 2009-2015 and now I had to resign because I am going to settle abroad with my family next month. I have had a great experience at your company and I got to learn a lot from this experience. Your company will always be in my good books. I am writing this letter in order to receive my full and final payment which had to be given to me last week but I did not receive my payments.

I have fulfilled all the requirements necessary for the resignation process but still I did not get full and final settlement of payment which includes my Salary, Provident fund, Medical Insurance, EOBI, Gratuity, and other dues. I am well aware of all the company policies and regulations and I have not gone against any of them. I request you to pay all the dues to me and I assure you that I will not claim anything in future once my payments are received.

Moreover, I also assure you that I will stand by all the conditions and rules and regulations set by your company and after getting my payments I will not be claiming anything.

Yours Faithfully,

Zubair Ali
Cell No: 0300-4567899

Request Final Settlement Letter after Resignation
Request Final Settlement Letter after Resignation

Full and Final Settlement letter after Resignation

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much respect that I am settled quite well in my new job and want full and final settlement letter from you mentioning zero charges of any type on me by the prestigious company in which I served for ten years and had to quit due to health issues caused by old age. I hope you will give me the said letter as soon as possible.

Much Regards.



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  1. Good day SIR. I have work for your company for meny years I am now asking for the full and final settlement of payment dues which have been settled by the company I have gained good experience at your company and I have learned a lots from this experience I will never for get the good of your company kind regards

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