Application for New Electricity Connection

Sample Application Format for new Electricity Connection.This format of application is being used by persons who had economical thinking and wise enough to get new electricity Meter. Sample formats are given below.

Sample Application for New Electricity Connection

Lahore Electricity Department,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Subject: Application for new Electricity Connection

Respected Sir,

I am a resident of Lahore, Mughalpura district and I require a new electricity connection. Our house is a two floor building and we have inhabited it for the last three decades. Now that our family has grown some of the members have shifted out whereas others have divided the house into various portions or units.

We now wish to separate our electricity bill as well of the upper and lower floor in order to avoid any inconvenience or problems. Since one connection generates one bill we need another connection that would separate our upper and lower portions into independent units. Previously we have tried to correspond with the regional office but to no avail. It is requested that you look into the matter so that our trouble can be resolved.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Ali Khan
21 st March, 2016.

Application for Residential Electricity Connection

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect, it is stated that we are residence of this new block Asker. It sis to inform you that from past one months we are facing a lot of trouble from this specific electricity company and this application serves the purpose of applying for new electricity connection. We live in a proper house along with whole family and shifted here from another city just a month ago. I have already been through the package and would happy to get a new connection as soon as possible. I have attached all the documents with the application. I will be waiting for your prompt response.

Yours Truly,


Application for New Electricity Connection

The Department Head
Electricity Connection Department,(Wapda) USA.

Subject: Application for New Electricity Connection

Esteemed Sir,

Highly valued sir I had a new paying guest at my home’s portion for rent. I want a separate electricity connection for him so that he may pay his own bill cost on his own expenditure. For that reason I want to have a new connection for electricity for Mr. Kayden Tom. All the necessary documents( Name, Address, CNIC ) and new connection fee for official formalities are attached with this application for legal procedure.


Sam Rasqaisk
Dated: June, 12.2015

Application for New Electricity Connection
Application for New Electricity Connection

Request for New Electric Connection

Dear Sir,

Subject: Request for New Electric Connection

With Reference to our yesterday’s meeting regarding a new electricity meter connection in your office. As informed that already, I have one meter in my home but we have two portions and one for rented it is very difficult to manage the electricity bills due to high rates so, new connection is urgently needed to ultimately the bills’ cost.

You are requested to kindly approve the new connection on priority basis. I have submitted the new connection charges(security deposit) in your office and all necessary documents are attached with this application for your kind review. Looking for your kind perusal.

Yours Sincerely,

Ahmad Raza
Postal Address: 132/5 XX Sector Model Town
Phone: 11100000077

Application for Another Electricity Meter

Name: Rohat Shirma
Address: [H # 3, 24 Street Malden Colony London]
Date: [2nd August 2017]

The Assistant Engineer, Electricity Department,
(Address of the Office)[Electricity Department of Malden Colony]

Subject: Another Electric Meter Connection

With due respect, it is stated that I am Rohat living at [Malden colony] with my family. The purpose to write an application is the demand of another electricity meter at home. We are living with our uncle in a single home and use of our electricity is lower than our uncle but we have to pay a half bill in every condition.

We have recently redesign electrical inaugural function that remains suitable for two electric meters at home. So, considering the urgency of my application, please provide another electric meter connection at our home at the earliest.

We have also attached the map of our land and additional documents that verify we our living two families. Thanks, for reading my application and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully,
Name: Rohat Shirma
CNIC: 4537890-3456

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