Invitation Letter Format of Surprise Party

Sample format of  invitation letter to surprise party.Surprises are pleasant everywhere and people who wanted to show their love for their loved ones can opt for this letter format. Necessary changes can be done.

Invitation Letter Format of Surprise Party

The dearest Aunt Jenny Swift,
Street no. 6, West Avenue,
Leeds, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of invitation to surprise party

My Loveliest Aunt,

How are you? I hope you will be happy and contended in your peaceful life. Loads of happiness and payers on your way. Now I am coming direct to the point….yummy! You know our lives over here are too dull and boring so we, infect, I decided to arrange a surprise party of get-to-gather at my friends’ home but it is solely for my blood relations. Her home was vacant so the fantastic idea of party popped up in my creative mind!

Through this party I wanted to shed the thick linings of monotony of our busy, busy and busy life. Sigh! Well, I don’t want to move in the old rotten picture of life once again, by remembering it! In the party I go for orchid flower decoration in the main hall and yellow flowers at the outer side of the orchids. I always love the combination of white and yellow. In the dinner, I went straight for traditional cuisine, as the heavenly taste is forgotten by us from the time unknown to me at least.

As this is a surprise party so I expect a complete secrecy at your part. Do not share the information at your home as well, please. Do come with your whole family. Regards.

Yours Beloved,
Tom Surrey,
March 5, 2016

Invitation Letter Format of Surprise Party
Invitation Letter Format of Surprise Party

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