Informing Letter to Customer of Error in Printed Flyer

These letters are written for our customers as an apology letter for the misprint in our flyer or error in printing. These formats for customers who have received a flyer of shopping brand about their latest offer but flyer had some printed faulty error.

Informing Letter to Customer of Error in Printed Flyer

Valued Customer,

Wishing you good health. This is to inform you that our printed flyers regulating all over the social media have one error in it. As the flyer states that we will have 70% off on all items for 10 days but it is to inform our dear customers that we will have 50% off on all items for 10 days. There would be sale up to 70% on selected items, depending particularly on the brands. This annual yearly sale has always been our hit sale of the year. We hope that our customers don’t lose the excitement of availing unbelievably amazing discounts on their favorite items. We sincerely apologize for the printing error in our flyer that is why we decided to inform our loyal customers of it as soon as possible. We hope that you shop till you drop it.

Yours Truly,

Goga Sigh

Information Officer

Obruto Agency

Sample Letter Informing Customers of Error in Printed Flyer

Dear Customer,

I would like to apologize for the printed error on our flyers circulating for two weeks. Our store’s new branch is opening in New Mall, Washington and the flyer state the date of Monday 24, but the actual date is Sunday, 23. Our flyer contains this tiny error, and therefore we promptly took the action to send letters to our customers of the correct information. We hope to see you all at our store opening and having the chance to win in numerous gift hampers. I hope that you don’t let this inapt misprint keep you from coming to the opening and having a fun time with your family. We have made sure that all the other information present on the flyer is correct about the timing of the opening. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have cause to anyone. We look forward to seeing all our customers at the opening of our store at New Mall.

Warm Regards,

Sonia Sing

Customer Handling Officer

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