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Sample Library Supplies Requisition (Specifications)

Specifications for Library Supplies Requisition:

  1. Book Covers: Ensure that book covers are durable and come in various sizes to accommodate different book dimensions. Opt for covers with clear plastic sleeves for easy labeling and protection against wear and tear.
  2. Barcode Labels: Specify barcode labels compatible with the library’s cataloging system. Labels should be adhesive and resistant to fading or smudging to ensure accurate scanning and tracking of library materials.
  3. Book Repair Kits: Include repair kits equipped with essential tools such as adhesive, tape, and scissors for minor book repairs. Kits should be compact and portable for convenient use by library staff.
  4. Library Cards: Request high-quality library cards made of durable material such as plastic or laminated cardstock. Ensure that cards are customizable with the library’s logo and come with a barcode for patron identification.
  5. Shelving Accessories: Consider accessories such as bookends, shelf dividers, and shelf labels to organize and optimize shelf space efficiently. Choose accessories that are adjustable and compatible with existing shelving units.
  6. Security Systems: Specify security systems such as RFID tags and detection gates to prevent theft and unauthorized removal of library materials. Ensure that the system integrates seamlessly with the library’s circulation software for effective monitoring.
  7. Date Due Slips: Request date due slips for manual circulation transactions. Slips should be pre-printed with the library’s name and address, as well as spaces for patron information and due dates.
  8. Book Carts: Include sturdy book carts with smooth-rolling wheels for transporting books and other materials throughout the library. Consider carts with adjustable shelves or baskets for versatility in handling different types of items.
  9. Library Furniture: Specify furniture such as study tables, chairs, and reading nooks to create comfortable and inviting spaces for patrons. Choose furniture that is ergonomic, durable, and easy to clean for long-term use.
  10. Cleaning Supplies: Ensure that cleaning supplies such as dust cloths, surface disinfectants, and vacuum cleaners are included to maintain a clean and hygienic library environment. Consider eco-friendly options where possible to minimize environmental impact.

In summary, the requisition for library supplies encompasses a comprehensive range of items including book covers, barcode labels, repair kits, library cards, shelving accessories, security systems, date due slips, book carts, furniture, and cleaning supplies. Each specification is carefully chosen to enhance library operations, improve patron experience, and uphold the integrity of library materials.

Sample Request for Library Requisition to Management

Template 1: Basic Request

Subject: Request for Library Supplies Requisition

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. As we strive to enhance our library services and ensure the smooth operation of our facility, I would like to request your approval for a requisition of essential library supplies. The following items are necessary to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of our library:

  1. Book Covers
  2. Barcode Labels
  3. Book Repair Kits
  4. Library Cards
  5. Shelving Accessories
  6. Security Systems
  7. Date Due Slips
  8. Book Carts
  9. Library Furniture
  10. Cleaning Supplies

These supplies are vital for day-to-day library operations and the provision of quality services to our patrons. I believe their timely acquisition will significantly contribute to the overall functionality of our library.

Thank you for considering this request. Please let me know if you require any further information or clarification regarding the items listed above.


 [Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Library Name]

Template 2: Detailed Request

Subject: Comprehensive Library Supplies Requisition Proposal

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. As we continue our efforts to improve the services offered by our library, I am writing to present a detailed proposal for the requisition of essential supplies. The items listed below are carefully selected to address specific needs and enhance the functionality of our library:

  1. Book Covers: Durable covers to protect library materials from damage.
  2. Barcode Labels: Adhesive labels for accurate cataloging and tracking of items.
  3. Book Repair Kits: Tools for minor repairs to extend the lifespan of library materials.
  4. Library Cards: High-quality cards with barcodes for patron identification.
  5. Shelving Accessories: Dividers, labels, and bookends for efficient organization of shelves.
  6. Security Systems: RFID tags and detection gates to prevent theft and unauthorized removal of materials.
  7. Date Due Slips: Pre-printed slips for manual circulation transactions.
  8. Book Carts: Sturdy carts for easy transportation of materials within the library.
  9. Library Furniture: Comfortable and ergonomic furniture to create inviting spaces for patrons.
  10. Cleaning Supplies: Supplies for maintaining a clean and hygienic library environment.

I believe that the acquisition of these supplies is essential to the smooth operation of our library and the delivery of high-quality services to our patrons. Your approval for this requisition would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding this proposal.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Library Name]

Template 3: Urgent Request

Subject: Urgent Requisition of Critical Library Supplies

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to urgently request your approval for the requisition of critical supplies needed to maintain the functionality of our library. The following items are essential for our day-to-day operations:

  1. Book Covers
  2. Barcode Labels
  3. Book Repair Kits
  4. Library Cards
  5. Shelving Accessories
  6. Security Systems
  7. Date Due Slips
  8. Book Carts
  9. Library Furniture
  10. Cleaning Supplies

Without these supplies, we may experience disruptions in service delivery and difficulty in meeting the needs of our patrons. Therefore, I kindly request your prompt attention to this matter to ensure timely acquisition of the necessary supplies.

Thank you for your immediate consideration of this request. Please let me know if you require any additional information or assistance in processing this requisition.

Best regards,

 [Your Name]

 [Your Position]

 [Library Name]

Request Email to Principal for Library Need

Subject: Request for Library Supplies Replenishment

Dear [Principal’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. As the librarian of [School/Institution Name], I am writing to bring to your attention the urgent need to replenish our library supplies in order to sustain the quality of educational resources available to our students.

The current inventory of essential library supplies is insufficient to adequately support the needs of our student body. Below, I have outlined the specific items required along with their respective quantities:

  1. Book Covers – 200 units
  2. Barcode Labels – 500 units
  3. Book Repair Kits – 5 sets
  4. Library Cards – 300 units
  5. Shelving Accessories (Dividers, Labels, Bookends) – 20 sets
  6. Security Systems (RFID Tags, Detection Gates) – 1 set
  7. Date Due Slips – 1000 units
  8. Book Carts – 3 units
  9. Library Furniture (Tables, Chairs, Reading Nooks) – To be discussed based on availability and budget
  10. Cleaning Supplies (Dust Cloths, Surface Disinfectants, Vacuum Cleaners) – To be discussed based on availability and budget

These supplies are crucial for the efficient operation of our library and the continued promotion of literacy and learning among our students. Without them, we risk hindering the educational experience and limiting access to valuable resources.

I kindly request your support in allocating the necessary resources to fulfill this requisition. Your assistance in ensuring the timely acquisition of these supplies would greatly contribute to the academic success and well-being of our students.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am available to discuss any further details or answer any questions you may have.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

 Librarian [School/Institution Name]

The email serves as a formal request to the principal for replenishing essential library supplies at the school/institution. It outlines specific items needed with corresponding quantities, emphasizing the importance of these supplies in supporting student learning and maintaining library functionality. The librarian respectfully requests the principal’s support in allocating resources to fulfill the requisition promptly, highlighting the significant impact on the academic success and well-being of the students.

Easy Template of Trailer Bill of Sale

What is a Trailer Bill Template?

A trailer bill of sale is a legal document used to record the transfer of ownership of a trailer from one party to another. It typically includes details such as the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, a description of the trailer being sold (including make, model, year, and Vehicle Identification Number or VIN), the sale price, and any terms or conditions of the sale. This document serves as proof of purchase and ownership transfer, and it may be required for registration and titling purposes. While there are various templates available online, it’s important to ensure that the template used complies with the legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which the sale is taking place.

What information should be included in the bill of sale for the trailer?

A trailer bill of sale should include the following information:

  1. Date of Sale: The date when the trailer was sold.
  2. Seller Information: Full name, address, and contact information of the seller.
  3. Buyer Information: Full name, address, and contact information of the buyer.
  4. Trailer Description: Make, model, year, color, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the trailer.
  5. Sale Price: The amount paid by the buyer for the trailer.
  6. Payment Details: Specify the form of payment (e.g., cash, check, electronic transfer).
  7. Condition of the Trailer: Any warranties or guarantees provided by the seller regarding the condition of the trailer.
  8. Odometer Disclosure Statement: If applicable, disclose the trailer’s mileage.
  9. Signatures: Both the buyer and the seller should sign and date the bill of sale to acknowledge the transaction.
  10. Witnesses or Notary: Some jurisdictions may require witnesses or a notary public to witness the signing of the bill of sale for it to be legally binding.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements for a bill of sale may vary depending on the jurisdiction, so it’s advisable to consult with local regulations or legal professionals to ensure compliance. Information about the trailer: The trailer bill of sale is tailored to specifically outline the details of the trailer being sold. It typically includes crucial information necessary for both the seller and buyer to document the transaction accurately. Key components of this document encompass: Manufacturer details Model specifications Year of manufacture Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Where Trailer Bill Can Be Used?

A trailer bill of sale can be used in various contexts where a trailer is being bought or sold. Some common scenarios where a trailer bill of sale is utilized include:

  1. Private Sales: When individuals sell trailers to other private individuals, a bill of sale is often used to document the transfer of ownership.
  2. Dealership Sales: Trailer dealerships use bills of sale to formalize the sale of trailers to customers, whether they are new or used.
  3. Online Sales: Platforms such as Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace facilitate the sale of trailers between private parties, and a bill of sale is often used to finalize the transaction.
  4. Auction Sales: Auction houses handling the sale of trailers typically require a bill of sale to document the purchase by the winning bidder.
  5. Gifts or Inheritance: In cases where a trailer is given as a gift or inherited, a bill of sale may still be used to formally transfer ownership.
  6. .Insurance Purposes: Insurance companies may request a bill of sale as proof of ownership when insuring a trailer.
  7. Registration and Titling: Government agencies responsible for vehicle registration and titling often require a bill of sale as part of the documentation needed to register and title a trailer in the new owner’s name.

In essence, a trailer bill of sale is used wherever there is a legal transfer of ownership of a trailer, ensuring both parties have a record of the transaction.

 Sample Template of Sale Trailer Bill

Date: [Insert Date]

Seller’s Information: Name: [Seller’s Name] Address: [Seller’s Address] City, State, ZIP: [City, State, ZIP Code] Phone Number: [Seller’s Phone Number] Email Address: [Seller’s Email Address]

Buyer’s Information: Name: [Buyer’s Name] Address: [Buyer’s Address] City, State, ZIP: [City, State, ZIP Code] Phone Number: [Buyer’s Phone Number] Email Address: [Buyer’s Email Address]

Trailer Details: Make: [Trailer Make] Model: [Trailer Model] Year: [Trailer Year] Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): [Trailer VIN] Color: [Trailer Color] Title Number: [Trailer Title Number]

Sale Details: Purchase Price: $__________ (Amount in dollars) Payment Method: [Cash, Check, Money Order, etc.] Date of Sale: [Date of Sale] Additional Terms or Conditions: [If applicable, include any additional terms or conditions agreed upon by both parties]

I, the undersigned Seller, hereby acknowledge the sale of the above-described trailer to the Buyer listed above for the agreed-upon purchase price.

Seller’s Signature: _______________________

Date: _____________

I, the undersigned Buyer, hereby acknowledge receipt of the above-described trailer and agree to the terms of this sale.

Buyer’s Signature: ________________________

Date: _____________

This document serves as a legal Bill of Sale for the trailer described above.

[Notary Public Seal, if applicable]

[Notary Public Signature, if applicable]

[Notary Public Name, if applicable]

[Notary Public Commission Expiration Date, if applicable]

Please note that the information provided in this template should be tailored to your specific transaction and may vary based on local regulations. It is advisable to consult with legal professionals or relevant authorities to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Laboratory Bill for Patient in Word Format

Laboratory Bill for Patient in Word Format. Easy format of bill is given below,You can download this bill  in word format.

Sample Laboratory Bill for Patient in Word Format

Laboratory Bill


Lab InformationRegistration Location:____________Destination Location:___________Registration Date:__________


S.No. Test Name Reporting Date                     Time Rate
1 BLOOD C/E (complete, CBC)Hb,WBC Count (TLC), DLC, Total RBC, Platelet count,  MCV, MCH, MCHC, Type Apr 02,2015-04-05 20:00 500.00
2 ESR Apr 01, 2015-04-05 8:41 600.00
3 Vitamin Apr 01, 2015-04-05 8:41 5000.00


Total:                                                  6100.00

Less/ Discount                                    100.00

Paid:                                                     6000.00

To be paid:                                          6000.00

Registered By: _____________

Collection Center:

Center Name: _______________

Phone no.____________

Fax no._____________

Contact Person: _____________


Download LinkLaboratory Bill for Patient in Word Format

Sample Bill for Clothes Shop in word Format

Sample Bill for clothes shop is available for free download. This bill is taken from any designer company or shop/Fashion house for male, female, and kids garments and it includes items code, description, product, quantity, rate, discount option, sales officer name and signature, total amount. You can include term and conditions for your convenience.


Sample Bill for Clothes Shop in word Format

Humayun  Fashion House


                                            Mop:     Cash  Sales                                                                                                   Pos:    013

Amount Qty Unit Price Product Sr.

( 02:33)                                             Date:    12-Mar-2015                                                               Invoice No:    2096


-350.00                           -1                350.00         AMT001-999-MJN A-               1

-15000.00                           -1             1500.00          KHT0014-MED-PRP-K              2

20000.00                               -1             2000.000         HFL0001-999-999-La                3



Total:                                                                                           -1                                      150.00


              150.00                           Net Total:

Thank you for visit

Candela Retail Solution by LumenSoft <>

 Download LinkSample Clothes Bill in word Format

On Line Delivery Shop Format

Registration Number:__________On line Delivery Date:__________Email:____Website:___Address:_________ __________Phone or Cell No:_____ ___

Name:__________________     Country:____________________Invoice/Order Number:________

Address:__________________________________________________ Date:__________

Code NO Description Design/Color Qty Rate Product No Discount Disc Amt Amount
Cash Sales Representative: Total Amount:


Amount Payable:_____

Thank you for shopping.

For any inconvenience you can freely contact us.

Sales Invoice Sample in Word Format

Sales Invoice Sample in Word Format. Invoice number, registration,total amount discount tax and other deductions are mentioned in invoice.You can use this format according to your need. Free download in word format. 

Sales Invoice Sample Format

SALES  INVOICE                                               
      2015010059                                             Invoice No. Sales Tax Reg No :                 03-01-8504-004-28
        17-Jan-15                                                          Dated National Tax No :                         34-01-1021045-8

Customer Information


Lesco Regional Store Manager Wapda  Shalamar Lahore

Sales Tax Reg No                                      0305271600291
National Tax No.                                              3041094-7
I.C No. & Date:                                          D1-2734 15- Jan-15
Sales Tax Inv.No.                                    2010560059
Factory Order No.                                    F-2K32875

Delivery Note No.                                                     2015010059

L.C.No.        14LISoo2800592 02-DEC-14


Cust Ord No. 3430 Dated 22-10-2014


Amount (PKR)                     Rate Qty UQM Item Description                           S.No.
32,040,000 106,800.00 300 NOS DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER- 25KVA SR.NO 27971 TO A-28270 1


32,040,000 Total
32,040,000 Total after Discount
5,446,800 Sales Tax @ 17%
37,486,800 Net Total
Wapda Fee/ Transportation/ Others
37,486,800 Grand Total


Amount in words: 

Pak Rupees Thirty Seven Million Four Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Only.
For Cosafarma ( Private) Limited

Download Link:  Sales Invoice Sample for Companies Word document free download


Proforma Sales Invoice in Word Format Free Download

Proforma Sales Invoice in Word Format Sample. It is very important proforma invoice for companies. You can use this for import and export items like machinery, equipment’s, generators etc. All term and conditions regarding Quality, Quantity, other particular like fright charges are mention in it.

Sales Proforma Invoice Sample

Invoice Date: 23-4-2015


  • INVOICE NO : 10975379


Invoice No:       234567890

TOTAL PRICE Unit  Price Quantity ORDER Customer Code Description CODE NO
EUR      EUR     PCs         No          
4860    97,2    50             BUCHHOLZ RELAY 2234 BRR 25-F189 245RR27   
657     6,35    100           PRESSURE RELIEF D. T.10KI G10.70 BAR 6310666  




IN CONFORMITY WITH THE ABOVE PERFORMA INVOICE                    TOTAL                         EUR   9686,oo





 Download Link:  Proforma Sales Invoice in Word Format

Booking Receipt Format in Word Form

This is sample of  Booking Receipt / Order Receipt . If any client wants to purchase anything e.g any machinery, electronic items,so any company can use this format as it is the best sample for booking of any order you can just use it by  doing a little emendation according to your requirements/terms and conditions.The sample of Booking Receipt is given below.

Sample of Booking Format in Word Format

Cosafarma (Private) Limited





Booking Receipt

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that your order with below mentioned details has been boked and proceeded.

4350 Tracking ID
Mr Faisal Khan Customer
205-phase y main road DHA ,LHR Address
03333-738971 Contact No.
3456-828037018 CNIC/NTN no.
65970-799 Purchase Order/ NOCno.
50kVA Distriution Transformer as per PEPCO specification No. DDS- 84:2007 with Amendment No. 5 with MI Inspection Certificate. Description
1 Qunatity (Nos.)
1 month Delivery Period
12 months Warranty Period
235,789 Unit price (PKR)
38,410 Sales Tax@ 17% (PKR)
5,649 WAPDA Inspection Fees @ 2.5% (PKR)
280,000 Total ( Inclusive Sales Tax and WAPDA Inspection Fees)
Cash Mode of Payment (Cheque/cash)
135,000 Advance Paid (PKR)
Balance Receivable (PKR)

Thankyou !

Qudsia Malik

Authorized Signature


Z: /PVT Factory Orders/ February 2015 / (F-34k456 Mian Amher)

Download LinkBooking Receipt Format in Word Form Free Download



Salary Slip Sample Images

Receipt format or sample salary slips, their format and what to write and how to write all basics are in it,very useful for companies account officers. In the first line of payslip includes gross salary, net salary, working days, leaves, absent, advance amount and Tex deduction, in second line you can write basic salary, house rent, utility, medical expense, E obi insurance bonuses, mobile expense,transport expense are included in it. You can free download salary slip format images and can use according to your criteria.You can free download in word form.

1-  Sample Salary Slip Format


          2-Sample Salary Slip Format


3- Salary Slip Format

Basic Salary,house rent,conveyance allowances, over time, bonus,medical exp and insurance , other increments included in format
organization Name  …..                      Month and Year….
Employ#____   Name________                         Department________________Designation__________         Salary for __ Days____________
Pay & Allowances Deductions Other Details
Basic_______ House Rent_______ Conveyance_______ C.L.A._______ Medical_______ Other Allowances_______ Special_______ Over Time_______ Arrears______ Bonus______ PF-Counter______ Other DED 2______ E OBI-______ _____Allowances details
Gross        _________ Total DED    _______ Net ________
Salary Credited to Your Account#                                     _______________ Bank Name      ___________ Branch and Address______________

______________     _____________   ______________

Accountant                               Finance Director               Chairmen

4- Salary Slip Format for Employee


strong>Phones: (H.O) (9242)3765555
Sales: (9242) 376690665 & 376662223   Fax: (9242) 37657490 & 37224586

SALARY FOR THE MONTH OF:_______________________________

  • NAME :____________
  • DOJ :_______                                        BASIC(Rs) :________
  • BRANCH :  _______                         TOTAL DAYS:________
  • BANK A/C NO :______                DAYS :________
  • NET PAY : Rs____________
  • (IN WORDS) :___________
  • Download LinkSalary Slip for Employee in Word Format Free Download

 5- Sample Pay Slip Format

Company Name:__________


Date of payment: ……../……./…………

Pay period: ……/……/……. to ……./……/…….

  • Employee’s name: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
  • Employer’s name: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
  • Classification/Job Title under the Award: ……………………………………………………….
  • Basic Salary……………………
  • House Rent Allowance…………….
  • Medical………………..
  • Utilities…………………..
  • Other Benefits ……………….
  • Deductions:
  • Tax on salary………………….
  • Net Salary ………………………………. Transferred to bank account number ………………….

Note: Pay slips must be issued to employees within one working day of the day they are paid.

Download Link in Word Form: Sample Pay Slip Format

Pay Roll Slip for Government Office in Word Format

                                               Pay Roll Slip for Government Office
P Sec : 001 Month: October 2013L02011 –AG PB DE CELL (L02011)

Min : Min. of Finance & Rev.




Registration: 31530269Name:    WASIF MAQSOOD


CNIC No. 3520113926669


                                                                                                                   DEPTT CODE   L02011


Pays And Allowances: 4,950.00
5000 Basic Pay 1,700.00
1210 Medical Allowance  2005 1,000.00
1300 Convenience Allowance 300.00
1833 Integrated Allowance 445.00
1971 Adhoc Allowance 2011@ 15% 1,485.00
1978 Adhoc Allowance 2011@ 50% 990.00
1118 Adhoc Relief Allow (2012) 990.00
1135 Audit / Acts Allowance 495.00
1151 Adhoc  Allowance 2013 @ 10%
Gross Pay and Allowances 12,355.00
GPF Balance   5,039.00 212.00
3501-Benevolent Fund 120.00
Total Deductions 323.00
Net Amount Payable 12,023.00


Download Link in Word FormatPay Roll Slip for Government Officer

Sample Invoice Format for Services

Sample invoices format for multiple items. These invoices sample formats can be used as templates to use for various purposes, for shopkeeper, industrial use, vendors, traders and many other people. Some could be used for official use as well.
Here are some sample cash memos, bills and invoices for machinery and other things.

      Invoice Format Sample 

2-        invoice format sample

  3-       invoice format sample

invoice format sample

Sample Invoice for USB

Sample Invoice for money changer

Sample invoice

Sample invoice of D elite House

Sample invoice