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Sales Invoice Sample in Word Format

Sales Invoice Sample in Word Format. Invoice number, registration,total amount discount tax and other deductions are mentioned in invoice.You can use this format according to your need. Free download in word format. 

Sales Invoice Sample Format

SALES  INVOICE                                               
      2015010059                                             Invoice No. Sales Tax Reg No :                 03-01-8504-004-28
        17-Jan-15                                                          Dated National Tax No :                         34-01-1021045-8

Customer Information


Lesco Regional Store Manager Wapda  Shalamar Lahore

Sales Tax Reg No                                      0305271600291
National Tax No.                                              3041094-7
I.C No. & Date:                                          D1-2734 15- Jan-15
Sales Tax Inv.No.                                    2010560059
Factory Order No.                                    F-2K32875

Delivery Note No.                                                     2015010059

L.C.No.        14LISoo2800592 02-DEC-14


Cust Ord No. 3430 Dated 22-10-2014


Amount (PKR)                     Rate Qty UQM Item Description                           S.No.
32,040,000 106,800.00 300 NOS DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER- 25KVA SR.NO 27971 TO A-28270 1


32,040,000 Total
32,040,000 Total after Discount
5,446,800 Sales Tax @ 17%
37,486,800 Net Total
Wapda Fee/ Transportation/ Others
37,486,800 Grand Total


Amount in words: 

Pak Rupees Thirty Seven Million Four Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Only.
For Cosafarma ( Private) Limited

Download Link:  Sales Invoice Sample for Companies Word document free download


Booking Receipt Format in Word Form

This is sample of  Booking Receipt / Order Receipt . If any client wants to purchase anything e.g any machinery, electronic items,so any company can use this format as it is the best sample for booking of any order you can just use it by  doing a little emendation according to your requirements/terms and conditions.The sample of Booking Receipt is given below.

Sample of Booking Format in Word Format

Cosafarma (Private) Limited



E-mail: Cosafarma@cosagroup.com



Booking Receipt

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that your order with below mentioned details has been boked and proceeded.

4350 Tracking ID
Mr Faisal Khan Customer
205-phase y main road DHA ,LHR Address
03333-738971 Contact No.
3456-828037018 CNIC/NTN no.
65970-799 Purchase Order/ NOCno.
50kVA Distriution Transformer as per PEPCO specification No. DDS- 84:2007 with Amendment No. 5 with MI Inspection Certificate. Description
1 Qunatity (Nos.)
1 month Delivery Period
12 months Warranty Period
235,789 Unit price (PKR)
38,410 Sales Tax@ 17% (PKR)
5,649 WAPDA Inspection Fees @ 2.5% (PKR)
280,000 Total ( Inclusive Sales Tax and WAPDA Inspection Fees)
Cash Mode of Payment (Cheque/cash)
135,000 Advance Paid (PKR)
Balance Receivable (PKR)

Thankyou !

Qudsia Malik

Authorized Signature


Z: /PVT Factory Orders/ February 2015 / (F-34k456 Mian Amher)

Download LinkBooking Receipt Format in Word Form Free Download



No Objection Certificate for Purchase

Sample No Objection Certificate for Self Purchase Transformer. If any organization or individual wants to purchase any transformer or such thing on his own behalf this NOC is issued by the authorized company which is dealing with this at Wapda or government level. Format of NOC is given below.

No Objection Certificate for Self Purchase Sample

Memo No: 4568-90/3G-2/2013
Mr Ali Akber S/O Mohammad Akber
Near Shar Pao Bridge(Railway Crossing)
Gulberg Lahore.

Subject: Permission for self Purchase of 50KVA Transformer for New Connection

Ref: Your application no 3G-2/2013 dated 5-4-2013

You are hereby authorized to purchase 1×50 KVA Transfomer for subject connection/deposit work from any approved pepco’s manufacturers of transformers having valid prequalification/registration & prototype approval of cheif engineer(D&S) NTDC Lahore,as per Pepco amendment NO.5, specification No.DDS-84 (Amendment to date) and all other changes applicable upto date in design/ Specification& instructions by ceif engineer ( Material Inspection) NTDC sunny view Kashmir Road Lahore.

It will be your responsibility to provide the transformer at site of connection along with original purchase invoice & inspection certificate of Chief Engineer ( Material Inspection) NTDC Sunny view Kashmir Road Lahore.

Exectutive Engineer

LESCO Westridge Division

No Objection Certificate for Self Purchase Sample
No Objection Certificate for Self Purchase Sample

NOC Code For Purchaser

Sample Letter  or NOC  Code for purchaser Format  from authority for Purchasing any machinery or transformer from manufacturer or Electrical supplier. It can be helpful for purchasing all kind of heavy equipment. All terms and conditions and polices, price schedule of payment are mentioned in NOC. It can be helpful for buyer and supplier.

Sample NOC Format for  Purchase of Air Conditioners



Subject: NOC For Purchase of Air Conditioners

You are hereby authorized to purchase Air Conditioners for official usage from any approved and verified corporation having license od selling branded goods. The model and number of air conditioners has been decided by management. Number of Air Conditioners for staff use: 5, Number of Air Conditioners for managerial members: 5. Appropriate recommended brand: Dawlance or Mitsubishi.

Inspection certificates shall be provided by you to this office after necessary inspection of Air conditioners. The guaranty/warranty cards should have to be provided to management. Payment would be by the Finance Department. This NOC is highly official and only acceptable for the mentioned subject on (date).

Branch Manager,


Sample Format of NOC


Subject: NOC For Purchase of 1 No 100 KVA Transformer

As per your request you are hereby authorized to purchase i-No 100 KVA transformer for your subject connection/deposit work from any of the approved manufacturer transformers having valid Pre –qualification/registration and prototype approval of Chief Engineer(D&S) NTDC Lahore as per PEPCO specification No.DD-84:2007 with amendment No.5 duly inspected by Chief Engineer (Material Inspection) NTDC Sunny view kashmir Road, Lahore.

It will be your responsibility to provide the transformer at site of connection under intimation to this office. Inspection certificates shall be provided by you to this office after necessary inspection of transformers by C.E(MI) NTDC Lahore.

Additional Manager,

LESCO Operation Division.

Sample Format of NOC
Sample Format of NOC