Sample Bill for Clothes Shop in word Format

Sample Bill for clothes shop is available for free download. This bill is taken from any designer company or shop/Fashion house for male, female, and kids garments and it includes items code, description, product, quantity, rate, discount option, sales officer name and signature, total amount. You can include term and conditions for your convenience.


Sample Bill for Clothes Shop in word Format

Humayun  Fashion House


                                            Mop:     Cash  Sales                                                                                                   Pos:    013

Amount Qty Unit Price Product Sr.

( 02:33)                                             Date:    12-Mar-2015                                                               Invoice No:    2096


-350.00                           -1                350.00         AMT001-999-MJN A-               1

-15000.00                           -1             1500.00          KHT0014-MED-PRP-K              2

20000.00                               -1             2000.000         HFL0001-999-999-La                3



Total:                                                                                           -1                                      150.00


              150.00                           Net Total:

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On Line Delivery Shop Format

Registration Number:__________On line Delivery Date:__________Email:____Website:___Address:_________ __________Phone or Cell No:_____ ___

Name:__________________     Country:____________________Invoice/Order Number:________

Address:__________________________________________________ Date:__________

Code NO Description Design/Color Qty Rate Product No Discount Disc Amt Amount
Cash Sales Representative: Total Amount:


Amount Payable:_____

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