Sick Leave Application on behalf of Husband

The Following is a sick leave written by a wife for her husband’s HR manager, regarding the fact that he is really sick and requests a paid sick leave.

Sick Leave Application on behalf of Husband

To the HR manager,

Amit Communication,


Subject: Sick leave on behalf of the husband

Respected Sir,

I am Aliya Imran, the wife of Imran Kashif, Senior Floor Manager at your firm. My spouse last week was diagnosed with Pneumonia. The doctor has strongly urged him to undergo at least two weeks of bed rest. Because this sickness is easily transmitted from person to person, he is unable to come to work at this time, and I am confident that neither your organization nor he will allow him to come to work with such a disease that may easily be transmitted to other employees.

My spouse is always on time for work. He seldom takes time off without serious concern. I suggest that you allow him to leave for two weeks so that he may relax at home without any mental disturbance from work loss and return to your business as fit as he can be and be an asset to your firm rather than a liability.


Aliya Kashif

Sample Sick Leave Application on Behalf of Husband


The Principal

Rising Sun Education System

Chennai, India

Subject: Sick leave on behalf of the husband

Respected Sir,

Sir, you are well-respected. I am Aliya Imran, the wife of Imran Kashif, and I am writing to inform you that my husband, Imran Kashif, senior Coordinator at your school, has been suffering from arm and shoulder pains as a result of a traffic accident that occurred yesterday on his way home from work. He is currently afflicted with a serious health condition. I respectfully request that you consider my request and provide him with a paid leave in accordance with your health policy for a period of fifteen days. I will be eternally grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Thank you in advance. All hospital and doctor’s prescription letters are included in this application. If you want any further information, please call me at my cell phone number 03000000000. As soon as he gets well he will rejoin his job and be regular and fully devoted to his job.

Yours Obediently,

Aliya Imran

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