Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Husband

Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Husband

Subject: A letter from wife to husband about visiting her in USA

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Dear Hubby,

I have very mixed feelings while writing this letter as you cannot see but I hope my words do justice to my feelings. I am extremely glad to inform you that I finally got promotion at work. I am very happy about this achievement but when it comes to share the happiness. I badly wanted it to be you. I am missing you a lot. I am sending you this invitation letter so you can visit me in here and more of it, I will be glad if you talk to your boss about taking your work to the USA. I want us to be reunited and live the rest of life together but for now I will bear all the expenses of your travelling. I hope you take off from office and come visit me and celebrate this achievement of mine with me. Please show this letter to consulate.

Yours Marry

Invite Letter for Visit Visa by Wife

Subject: A letter from wife to husband about visiting her in Kuwait

Dear Husband,

It has been five months that I came back to my home from USA and I miss your presence very much. I would like to invite you to Kuwait to stay with me for at least three months. It would be very refreshing for our relationship. I want you to come so we can visit all the interesting places here and I have also listed down all the shopping malls which I want you to see so we can do a lot of shopping. You will stay with me at my apartment as my parents will be living in their own house so I have my own place. I want to experience everything with you. Therefore, I can’t wait for you to come and visit me so we can eat all yours and mine favorite food. I understand that your work requirements are very critical but you should also take care of your other priorities. Please do all the packing and visit me.

Yours Zara Singh

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