Application for Change of Subjects

Sample of Application for change of subjects. Format of application for change of subjects for students of school, college or university. If anyone isn’t compatible with the subject he/she has chosen, one can request for its change by college or school’s management. Note down your reasons and make sure that it must be authentic. Templates are given below:

Application for Change of Subject in College

The Principal,
HIKC College, Defense Lahore.

Subject: Application for Change of Subjects

Respected Madam,
It is stated that I am Rida Khan and my registration number is 667. I took admission in this prestigious institution this year in Fsc Pre Engineering 1st year. This was my own verdict to continue my study in engineering subjects as I have got good marks. But unfortunately I am not able to cope up with Mathematics- which is the major subject and utmost need of engineering.

Madam, as I also fall on merit of Pre-medical and my basics of biology are better than that of mathematics. I want you to kindly, allow me to change my subjects. From Pre-Engineering I want to switch to Pre-Medical group. I want to change my subject from mathematics to biology.

I understand, it was a wrong decision of mine. Still, I believe its not too late. It would be your kindness if you understand my request and allow me to change my subject. I have filled he per-forma of subject change which is attached with the application. Kindly, have a review upon it.

I shall be grateful to you.

Yours Obediently,
Rida Khan.
667- Pre Engineering.

Application for Change of Subject in College
Application for Change of Subject in College

Sample Application for Changing Subjects

The Principal,
Lahore Alma School.

Subject: Application for Change of Subjects

With due respect it is stated that I am Haider Ali, student of O-Levels Section-A (12-A) in this institution. Sir I have chosen History, Geography and Literature as my elective subjects. I regret to say that I am not able to continue with literature as it does not suits my nature. I do no consider it as a perfect subject for me, and even if study it I won’t be able to score good.

I request you to kindly, allow me to change my subject from Literature to Accounting. It would be a better change and I will be able to score more by this. I hope you will allow me and I shall be obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,
Haider Ali.

Request for Change of Subjects

The Principal
Elite High School,
Alabama, USA.

Subject: Request for change of subjects

Respected Sir,

I have had a change of heart after listening to the lecture delivered by the doctor at our school. Currently I am studying accounting and finance subjects that I believed would make me rich instantly
and would provide for me a comfortable life. Since that lecture I have indulged in a little soul searching and I have arrived at the conclusion that money is not the only goal one should have in life, there are other inspirations and aspirations that lead one to live a meaningful life. One should serve humanity and relieve the suffering of others and live for a higher goal. In light of the above I request you to allow me to change my current subjects to those that would allow me to reach this higher goal to Biology.

Yours Obediently,
2nd October, 2017.

Application for Change of Subjects in University

Respected Sir,

With high esteem and respect, it is stated that I am the student of BS
microbiology. It is my first term in university and really excited to continue the journey of my studies here. I have one problem here which I need to address as early as possible. I chose microbiology as major subject while taking admission but as some classes are passed, I realized that considering mass communication for my major subject would be a better choice. It is my request and plea to you to change my subjects as soon as possible so I can continue studying without wasting my any time.



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