Application for Shift Change

Sample  Application Format for Shift Change or application for change shift from morning to evening and evening to morning. Request for change of class time or shift in college or university. Easy format of application.You can change necessary changes according to your requirement.

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Sample Application for Shift Change in University

The Dean,
Department of Computer Sciences,
Punjab University Lahore.

Subject: Application for Shift Change

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I Uzma Yaseen  student of  BS. Computer Sciences Evening Program. I want to request you for change of my shift from evening to morning because I belong to Gujranwala and want to stay in University Hostel. University provides this facility only for morning shift students. I am still on merit in morning shift, but due to some personal circumstances I am not bale to study in morning shift.

I have also searched accommodation in any private hostel or apartment but staying there would not be less than a challenge as a female. Most of the good hostels are far away from my university and it is impossible to travel in private vehicles daily to reach university. As a female it would be another difficulty for me to stay alone outside the university hostel.

Again I humbly request you to please change my class from evening to morning. So I will be allowed to stay in university girls hostels with morning students.I shall be highly obliged in this regard.

Yours Obediently,

Uzma Yaseen.
BS. Computer Sciences.

Sample Application for Shift Change in School

The Principal,
Girls High School
UP, India

Subject: Change of shift from Evening to Morning.

Respected Sir,

With due respect humbly stated that I want to change my shift from Evening to Morning because the Evening shift does not suit my health and it also costs me a lot of trouble at pack time because of its great distance from my home. My family is very disturbed due to my studies. My other siblings are schooling from the Morning shift of this school and I also want to go home with them on time.
I am a good student of my class and there will be immense improvement in my educational performance if you shift me to the Morning. I am losing my eyesight degree gradually and slowly due to this shift and which causes me a sign of bad health. Kindly see to my state and change my shift. Thankyou.

Waiting your Positive Response.

Yours Obediently,
Rahi Patail
July 6,2015

Sample Application for Shift Change in School
Sample Application for Shift Change in School

Application for Shift Change in School from Parents

The Headmaster
Boys High School
UP, India

Subject: Change of shift from Morning to Evening

Respected Sir,

Humbly Requested my son Rohit Sharma is studying in your well known school in grade 7. He is brilliant student of your school. Sir, my job nature has been changed and i do night duty now.Therefore, it is requested to change school shift of my son otherwise i would suffer from pick and drop issue. I can’t afford the other transportation So, obliged my genuine problem and change my child’s school shift from morning to evening.

Yours Truely,

Ram Sharma


5 thoughts on “Application for Shift Change”

    1. The Principal,
      ABC School.

      Respected Sir,

      Please I want to bring in your attention with due respect that, I want to get my bus shift change i.e. from evening to morning. Mistakenly it is filled in data form or (mention the reason). Kindly, I request you for help so that I might not suffer from it. I shall be grateful.

      Yours Obediently,

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