Letter for Field Trip Request

Sample letter for field trip in special school for some other educational place.It can be used for permission letter in NGO visit or school, college university students interested to spend time for social community service. This letter can be helpful for school management.

Sample of Letter Request for  Field Trip


Subject: Field Trip To Special School

Dear Farwa Ali,

Miss Maryam & Miss Sana and 20 Students of  Beacon house School System (Girls Branch Junior ) visit your renowned school as part of their work for their online project about Tolerance & acceptance.I will be grateful to you if you facilitate them.


Rabiya Hassan
Girls Branch Model Town Lahore.

Letter of  Field Trip Request


Dear Sir,

I am Rana Jamil from Aitchison College.  Aitchison College humanitarian and environment society wanted to arrange a trip for a group of 20-30 students of 9th grade to Rehman Foundation on 16th March that is this successful society. Please acknowledge us this date is suitable for visit , we may put it in our calendar of activities.The college allows us to leave for trips only on Friday, as the institution won’t be open on weekends we would be able to come only on Friday  16th March so, please inform us your schedule and hope you will allow us foe your esteem Institution.

Best Regards
Hassan Qadri
Event & Trip Organizer

Request Email for Educational Visit in Special Education School

The Principal,
Rehab Foundation.

Subject: Request for Visit

Respected Madam,

—— school is an integrated system of education that takes pride in including knowledge with a purpose.Our concerted efforts in providing remedies to societal issues makes us unique in the field of education.

The social welfare society of the school enthusiastically participates in programs that are centered around uplifting the socio economic conditions of the marginalized and also fulfilling the needs of the special children in the society.

Our visit shall be on a weekday and students would like to observe classes in session.

The objectives of visit envisages the following:

1-To be a partner in imparting aid and assistance to Special Children.

2-To empathize with them.

3-To serve honorary internship as teachers assistant.

4-To be productive in any way that the school management feels suitable.

I would appreciate if you could a visit program for us and intimate us of the date and timings.

Thanking you in Anticipation
Bushra Rana
Head of the Social Welfare Society

Request Email for Educational Visit in Special Education School
Request Email for Educational Visit in Special Education School

Email for Field Trip Request


I am Danyal Ahmed coordinator student resource center sending you this email as per our telephonic conversation. Hope to find to great.

Dear miss rania manager event organizer, we are highly obliged if you arrange a visit for our students to see the services which you are providing for your special students. Under the Community support program of Bahria University, the Lahore campus has planned to visit your prestigious institute on 28th from our campus will interact with the children, engage them in different activities like face painting, drawing, play poems and will also distribute gifts among them.

We will be waiting for your positive response.

Warm Regards.


Letter for Educational  Field Trip Request

The Principal
Rehman Foundation
Model Town Campus

Dear Rubina Aslam,

SICAS  is a leading private school in Lahore that caters to the educational needs of children from Pre-School to O Levels. We have a student body of over 500 students. The school is an associated concern of Salamat School System (Private) Limited, which also proudly owns Kids Campus and Juniors Campus preschools, designed to cater to the developmental needs of future students of SICAS.
It will be appreciated if you would allow our grade 7 students to visit your prestige special education institute on Monday, 17th December, 2014, from 09: 00 am to 10: 45 am. We want our affiliation continues in the future and together. We keep bringing smiles on the  faces of special children with special needs They will be accompanied by 2 teachers and 1 Sub Staff. Kindly let us know at your earliest convenience if this arrangement is suitable for you.

Your co-operation in this regard will be much appreciated.

Warm Regards,
Coordinator  of Project

Letter for Educational  Field Trip Request
Letter for Educational Field Trip Request



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