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Clearance Letter for withholding Cash and Late Deposit

Sample Clearance Letter or reply letter  for withholding Cash and Late Deposit by employee. Every employee can be used this reply format against show cause notice or warning letter according to need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Clearance Letter  for withholding Cash and Late Deposit

The Manager,
Human Resource Department
Union Cooperative Bank Limited,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Clearance on notice for withholding cash and late deposit

Honourable Sir,

It is to relate very humbly that I was given the Show Cause Notice on the account of withholding the cash amount and depositing it late in the bank. I do admit the words uttered by your esteemed self but the reason behind this negligence was the system’s technical issue.

The upgradation took much time and then the working hours went to its ending time. I even waited an hour even after the pack up time but all in vain. By the next morning as soon as I stepped in the bank I deposited the cash of require amount in the bank. Kindly check the details so that the warning can evade from my side. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Raibahadur
December, 3, 2015

 Clearance Letter  for withholding Cash and Late Deposit
Clearance Letter for withholding Cash and Late Deposit

Show Cause Notice Format

This is sample warning letter or Show cause notice format for employee. You can use it according to your need in this letter the inquiry officer shall submit his report and recommendations to the undersigned within given period of the initiation of inquiry. Every employee directly reported to inquiry officer.This is simple format of warning letter for Government and private sector employee.

Show Cause Notice

The Marketing Manager,
ABC Trust, UK.

Subject: Show Cause Notice

Mr. James,
This letter is to inform you that management has come to know about scamming in the donation amount. As you deal the associated section, it comes over you. A donation cheque of Rs. 100,000 (One Lac Rupees) was received by you in last week, Cheque Number: J6645 on 9th December, 2013. According to the policies of our organization the cash and cheque amounts has to be submitted in the Accounts Department within a day.

As per Accounts Department report no cheque or cash till now has been submitted by you. Whereas the receipt of Rs. 100,000 is sent to the donor, by you as it is to be sent by Accounts.

This is a serious issue and you are hereby given a period of 2 days  in order to explain your conduct related to amount of donation which is not submitted yet. If you were not able to give a satisfactory explanation, it will lead towards your suspension from employment in this firm along with a fine of Rs. 500,000 (Five Lac Rupees) and Company will not issue your experience or character certificate either.

ABC Trust.

Sample Show Cause Notice For Employee

Mr. Jameel Ahmed S/O Ahmed Abbas.
Deputy Director,
Fatima Group of Companies.

Subject: Show Cause Notice

Whereas a complaint against you lodged by Liaqat Ali s/o Ali Sher designation Plant Supervisor dated —– forums regarding use of substandard material in the contraction work, corruption and other serious allegations mentioned in the complaint.

And Whereas the undersigned appointed  Assistant deputy Director of Fatima Group of Karachi Office as an inquiry officer to en-quire the charges leveled against the accused official and submit this findings/ inquiry report. The same is still awaited. and Whereas the project manager project Implementation supervision consultants visited the plant and found that most of the grievances of the workers are valid/genuine. A photocopy of shortfalls pointed out by project manager is enclosed for early rectification.

The undersigned as competent authority of company checking employees efficiency discipline and accountability and inform all inefficient and corrupted employees warning  notice.

The employees accused official is directed to submit written defense to the inquiry officer within seven days of the date of issuance of this order.If the employee fails to submit his written defense within the prescribed period, It will be resumed that either he has no defense to offer or he has decline to offer the same and he has accepted the charges.

HR Department.

Sample Show Cause Notice For Employee
Sample Show Cause Notice For Employee