Request Letter of Framing Routine Timetables for Healthy Lifestyle

Sample request letter of framing routine timetables for healthy lifestyle. This format is a real help for those who are wishing to get a better life through better framing of timetable of timetable of their routines.

Request Letter of Framing Routine Timetables for Healthy Lifestyle

The Dean,
Smirk Sky Highland Company of Copper,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting letter of framing routine timetables for healthy lifestyle

Respected Sir,

‘Healthy mind possess healthy body’ is a time’s old proverb and is true to all ages as well. One must be sound by mind to attain the best possible physical health. For a physical fitness, you must have a proper time frame of your routine that occupy most of your time and energy. All human beings must carry out the below mentioned timetables of their routine.

1- Divide your diet according to your schedule eat more in the morning in breakfast as it is like a fuel for body and without fuel/energy the rest of the day would be compromised. Eat some small snacks as munches in time to time to retain your energy level. This will help you to contain a healthy weight and your body will not feed upon fats in hunger.
2- Drink plenty of water in day time and make it considerably less in evenings as the body organs are tired of all day’s exertion and are
unable to function properly.
3- ‘early to bed, early to rise’ is another good habit and you should sleep by switching off the lights as there is a pea-sized gland in our body that awake when sense the darkness and start performing its function against cancer. It is considered as a natural therapy against cancer of all
types and stages.
4- Wake up with a morning smile and do spare time for GOD as it would make HIM happy and in return HE will make you satisfied in your life.
5- Never go for all types of trends and cults and carefully filter what suits you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Cure Joy,
20 th June, 2018.

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