Request Letter to Client for Pay Renewed Taxation

Sample Request letter for requesting client to pay renewed taxation. Official documents are mandatory to keep and especially if it is related to property. Paying taxation on legal properties is incumbent as moral values. Government reserves the right to make any changes in the legal documents without any prior notice. Such letter is helpful for personnel who wish to cater their clients with care.

Request Letter to Client for Pay Renewed Taxation

The Manager
Housing Concrete Company
New Delhi, India

Subject: Requesting Client to pay Renewed Taxation

Respected sir,

I just wanted to take few seconds of your valued time and would like to inform your gracious self that I value you as my dear client and it is really very difficult to have clients as nice as you are that they pay their tax on time without making any fuss in the further proceedings. You are very concerned and particular about paying the right amount of tax in the concerned department.

Regrettably, the government had raised 2% in the property taxation as were in the files under process. Your tax will officially be start from 30 th July, 2017. We would send you a copy of increase in the property tax as per policy for transparency of discourse. You are now supposed to pay the renewed amount of tax of your entire property. You can pay the tax in easy instalments of four months if you deem the renewed taxation as mammoth and unable or find difficulty in paying the tax on the whole in lump sum amount.

All over again, I express thanks to you for paying tax on time and we hope you will continue the same practice in future as well. In case you have any query, you can call me any time on this number of mine: 333-999909632- 13652 during office timings that is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm sharp. Thank you for your concern in reading and bearing the troublesome news of increase in taxation.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Dewed Zaskar
Taxation and Levy Department,
14 th July, 2017.

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