Authorization Letter for Baptismal Certificate

Sample Authorization letter format for Baptismal Certificate. This format can help the issuing authority of baptismal certificate as in lexical extension in the new format of the certificate.

Sample Authorization Letter for Baptismal Certificate

                          TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

Authorization Letter  for Baptismal Certificate

All praises to the God who made us soul of creation. Who accepted us and gave birth to a Christian family. He is the most beneficent as He opened others eyes to see what is truthful. Due to His boundless bounties, people search for true religion and they came to our sacred path. It is always an honour to issue Baptismal certificate for the benefiting souls.

It is to inform you with much gaiety that Mr. John is baptized by Saint Doe David on 10 th July, 2017 (Tenth July, Two thousand and seventeen). The name of his mother is Ms. Liza David. The name of his father is Mr. David Ferry. The child belonged to East Avenue 204 near McDonald. In the vicinity of America. He is now Catholic by religion. The time of his baptism was 3:00 pm sharp. The letter of Authorization of Baptismal Certificate is being issued by Arch Priest Mr. John Medieval Crest.

Note: Any error or omission in this certificate should not be taken as voluntary action, but it can be mere mechanical error in its very nature. Any amendments to be made, if necessary, should be applied within fifteen days along with prior notice in form of written application ten days earlier to the request for change of any form in the certificate. Charging fee for each correction must be submitted within due time frame (provided via email).

Congratulations! Live a free life of Catholic in chains of chastity!


Mr. John Avocado
14 th July, 2017.

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