Request Letter of Previous Clearance by the Client

Request Letter to Client for Previous Payment/Balance Payment. This request letter is only for the companies/banks/Clients whose  did not pay the outstanding payments/Remaining Payments of their purchases/loans. Easy Format is given below.

Request Letter for Clearance of Outstanding Balance

Mr Bajwa Ali
Admin Manager,
Firhaj Group of Companies

Subject: Request  to Client for Previous Payment

Dear Sir,

This letter informs you about the outstanding payments against your purchases and loans that you have transacted from us. These transactions are not yet recovered by the company from your end.

Your purchases and loans were passed on a company’s/bank’s policy. According to this policy, these transactions are completed only when company/bank is sure that they can recover their amount by different means:

? There is a surety for the person who is making the transaction.

? A property whose amount is greater or equal to the amount of the transaction.

If you failed to return the amount, these points are being considered to recover the amount. A time limit is settled to pay the amount, after which the bank/company can capture your property or your surety is contacted for the payment. If your surety is not capable of giving the amount then a case will be filed against you and your surety. This case will be filed on the account to recover the amount only.

All of the explanation and circumstances are being mentioned in the letter above. These explanatory words are written only to inform you about all the circumstances you might face if you are being negligible to pay the amount you have transacted from the bank/company as a purchase/loan.

So we request you humbly that kindly pay your outstanding payments to the company/bank. As you are our liable customers so we want to maintain our relationship as they are from the beginning. We surely hope that you understood the fact and you will pay your outstanding payments soon.


Rober Hanery.
Chief Executive Officer,
Hush Puppies International

Request Letter for Clearance of Outstanding Balance
Request Letter for Clearance of Outstanding Balance


Balance Payment Request Email

Dated: December 30, 2015

The Manager Accounts,Lahore

Attn: Mr.Arshad

Sub: Balance Payment Dues 45,000

Dear Sir,

Please note that your account balance of Rs.45,000  (Forty five thousand only ) is outstanding as on 30.12.2015 statement of account is mentioned here under for your reference.

Please arrange payment of this account today. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. If you have any queries regarding this account, please contact our office as soon as possible.

Please make the cash as per promise and send by RIDER to the following address: 67/8 Nishter Road Lahore

If payment has recently been made, please accept our thanks and ignore this reminder.


For Monsanto Pvt Ltd

 Recovery Incharge

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