Request Letter of Changing Filter 

Sample letter format of changing filter. Water is the fundamental need of survival and need of clean water is even more mandatory for human survival. Changing of filter at appropriate time frame does the duty of survival of human sanctity.

Request Letter of Changing Filter

The Chairman,
Legend Brains School System

Subject: Request letter of changing filter in school

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am proud to be a teacher as profession and a part of this marvelous school system. But sir I think this is my duty to inform you about the water cooler filter, I have seen that the filter has not been cleaned and changed from April 2016! It should not be the case in an institution like this which is famous for its godly reputation and cleanliness. I request you to kindly change the filter for the better survival of the young kids in shape of germ free water intake.Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Jacob Freddy,
3 rd May, 2017.

Request Letter of Changing Filter in Office

The Manager,
Elite Lawyer Association,
Buffalo, United Kingdom.

Subject: Request letter of changing filter in office

Respected Sir,

I am care taker of this company and hence responsible of each natty gritty happening in this office when food and water is taken into consideration. It is to state with much humility that the filter of all the dispensers is not changed from the last six months. The taste of water is changed and sometimes it has bad smell as well. The filter is in prompt need of change. I am going to market to buy the necessary items of this office and it is a request from my side to pay me the grant slip of purchasing new filters (seven in number) from the worthy contractor of us. Looking for your positive feedback.


Mr. Thomas Andrew
3 rd May, 2017.

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