Request Letter for the Purchase of a Heater

Wanting to order/request a Heater for an office/school/factory for any desired reason? We have provided you with these sample request letters that you can use to order/request a heater for your desired purpose easily stating your reasons from the authorities or market. If you got requests for purchase letters for any other things you can leave your requests in the comment box.

Sample Request Letter to Purchase a Heater for Office

Intex Technologies
56 Arena X, Chennai, India.

Subject: Request Letter To Head Management for Purchase of Heater For Office

Dear Sir,

Hope you are having a good day, this letter has been written to you to request the purchase of an electrical heater for the office. Due to climate change, the temperatures we have been witnessing are record time different from what we are used to normally. The winters are very chilling and the office building is always almost freezing on the top floor especially. In this chilling weather, employees have been reporting that they are unable to sit for hours without any covering and are not able to do their job, and are constantly distracted by the cold. Routine operations are getting affected and it might get employees sick. For this reason, I would request you to allow the purchase of electrical heaters. They are portable and small and can be placed and carried anywhere easily. They will help the rooms get a little warm and will make the environment easy for the employees to perform.
Kindly approve this purchase so that we can take quotations from the market.

Yours Sincerely
Hemant Khanna, Manager

Request Letter to Purchase a Heater for School

Mumbai Public School For Boys
Street C, Mumbai, India.

Subject: Request Letter To Head Management For Purchase of Heaters For School Building

Dear Sir,

I am writing you this letter to inform you that we don’t have any heaters in the kindergarten classes of our school. Due to the extreme change in weather, the school building is very cold for the kids to be able to study and the kids are constantly complaining about the cold in the room. Young kids are also at the risk of getting sick in this weather and the temperature is just bothering everyone. To make the rooms a little cozy and warm for kids we have to immediately install some heaters in the building. Electrical heaters will be okay for a few months to keep us warm in this weather.
This is very urgent and I would request you to approve this purchase immediately. Kindly approve a budget this month so that we can place our order with the suppliers in the market. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely
Shreya Goshal, Vice Principal.

Request Letter to Purchase Heaters for Daycare Center

HAPPY Daycare Center
Block E, New Delhi, India

Subject: Request Letter to Head Management of the Daycare to Purchase Heaters

Dear Sir,

Heaters in this cold weather are a necessity. At our daycare center, we have kids a few months old to toddlers and young kids who are prone to sickness due to this extreme weather. The rooms have been freezing lately. We need to keep the toddlers and the newborns warm and cozy. Unfortunately, we do not have heaters in the building and this has been causing us all problems. The babies can not survive this cold and need warm rooms.
Due to this reason, I would want you to immediately approve the purchase of new heaters for the daycare center and allocate a budget so that we can place our order as soon as possible. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely
Ayaan Khanna.

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