Sick Leave Letter due to Temperature

Sick Leave letter due to Temperature. A leave letter is a written formal way of getting a permission to make a holiday from work and studies. This is a sample written format for sick leave letter by a student.

Sick Leave letter due to Temperature

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Subject: Sick Leave letter due to temperature

Dear Madam,

With respect and obeisance, it is stated that I am student of O Levels going through my final semester. My class is O levels B section and my roll number is 34. My class teacher is Miss. Sara. I am average student of class but I am most regular among my all class mates. I am writing this letter to inform you about my worse health condition. As you know exams are near, in these days our test session is going on. The result of these session test has 20 percentages in the final semester. I have attended test of three subjects. But due to high grade fever 103 on F scale, I did not come to college and did not give any other test for four days. Now Doctors has diagnosed me with measles and they recommended me proper bed rest. Measles would take time to recover. According to doctors I would recover with precautions and rest, it would take at least duration of 15 day to recover completely. Madam, in this circumstance I am unable to perform well in this test session. Kindly grant me a leave for 15 days. There is another request kindly take my reset exams when I join college regularly after my recovery, so that my grade would not be affected due to my illness.
You know I am a hard working student and have always performed well in class activities and tasks, and in exams as well. Thanks for considering my request; hopefully you would understand my position.

Yours Obediently,

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