Sample Accommodation Letter at Workplace

Sample accommodation letter at workplace. Moving on daily base is a suffering for mind a well as for body so the persons who wanted to get rid of them should use this format to avoid this tension from their lives.

Sample Accommodation Letter at Workplace

The Manager,
LACAS, Engineering Industry
California, United States of America

Subject: Request for accommodation at workplace

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much humility and concern that I am an old employee of your company, but recently shifted here on the score of my up gradation. I am given space here that is too far from my work place. It costs me 100 miles and consumes a lot of petrol as well. I decided to go along with this routine, but unfortunately I could not meet up this hectic schedule of coming and going on daily basis.

Earlier, I had no issue so to say regarding my accommodation as I live near to the vicinity of my former office. Now, I am encountering a problem of distance which consumer a lot of my time and energy. This tiresome routine affects my family matters as I am eldest of my family and the only one to take care of my mother who is suffering from physical disability since many years. She is unable to take care of herself on her own as she is bed ridden and has massive body with great weight, so the whole responsibility of her moving and shifting rests on my shoulders.

I had attached all the requisite documents with this application for prompt action as soon as possible. Kindly see to my beseechment and do an urgent and favorable action in hire to my request. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Dev Persaad,
9 th July, 2017.

Accommodation Letter at Workplace

Dear Sir,
With all due respect, I’ve been an employee at X.Y.Z firm for almost 10 years. I’ve always done my job with dignity and selflessness, and the firm’s been satisfied about my performance. I would like to take into your account a few things about my personal life, for whom I’ve become a Catherine’s wheel between my work and family. My mother has recently been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. This is a disease which affect the motor neurons of Central nervous system, which are involved in the voluntary movement of body. As an extreme case of this disease, my mother has been disabled and she is confined to a wheelchair.
No one, except me, has to take good care of my mother, so I’d like to request you a little accommodations, about my workplace. I would like to get an hour or two early off, also If you like, you can trade me to another department where I can even complete my tasks, while being at home. My requests are really simple, and I hope you’d like to contemplate about them, giving the fact I’m really worried about my mother’s health and well-being.
Yours Sincerely,

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  1. Dear sir, kindly draft a letter for me regarding non-availability of accommodation. I am suffering very much to perform house chores alone. further my mother is suffering from various diseases, and she needs proper ventilation.

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