Request Letter to School Educational Director for Minimizing Strengths 

Sample format of request letter to Educational Director for minimizing strengths in classes. Quality education depends on number of students in each class; lesser the number; higher the quality or vice versa. This format is helpful for the finding souls.

Request Letter to School Educational Director for Minimizing Strengths

The Educational Director,
Easter Formation Higher Education School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request letter to Regional Director for Minimizing Strengths in Classes

Respected Madam,

We, the staff of Easter Formation Higher Education School System, congratulate you on your promotion from Regional Coordinator to Educational Director. We are blessed to have you as our new ED as in the past you heard our views and took appropriate steps in order to minimize our complaints,

we hope the same practice will be practiced in the future as well. Madam, it is no wonder that Finland had the most literacy level than the entire world. We searched and met their teachers in order to know the reason behind their breath taking success! Two things came up into our notice: first they have less school hours clubbed with a feast of very little home work for the students; secondly, their course of syllabus is very appropriate; not too long nor too short.

We want excellence for our students as well. We want them to enjoy life, live a healthy life free of any burden and a groomed poised personality. We want them to be cultured and more civilized so we came here to ask you to kindly cut short the number of the students at all levels as minimizing the syllabus and limiting the time span is not possible.We will be thankful if you take prompt step in favour of it. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Entire Staff,
3 rd June, 2017.

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