Sample letter for Government Accommodation

Sample letter format for government accommodation. Government jobs are blessings as they provide a number of facilities to their employee and a sound surety of their jobs. Accommodation is one such luxury.

Sample letter for Government Accommodation

The Minister
Housing Ministry Department,
New Delhi, India

Subject: Request for Government Accommodation

Respected Sir,

Hope your excellences will be devouring the best aroma and taste of your delicious feast of life in the best of health and prime. It is my honor to write up this humble piece of writing for your kind and keen inspection. Sir, I heard a lot of goodness of your character and spirit that you are a man of letter and stand firm on your decisions once taken. This encouraging news compelled me to put forward my request for a house to you in hope of getting my voice heard in the high command. The point to be noted is that I had dispatched a number of applications for the due right of mine of getting a house from this prestigious housing ministry, but no need was paid towards my piles of applications. I am writing and waiting from the last three years. All documents are ready and it is lingered on just because of the signature of the higher authority. I am again writing the same case to you. This time, I am very hopeful of getting back an assure from yours precious self.

I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for the transparency of my legal right of possessing government house. I am waiting anxiously for the favorable reply from your side. I will be brimmed with gratification if you will kindly pursue my case in your very hectic schedule.Thank you for bearing and reading me.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Devanund Chughtai,
9th July, 2017

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