Letter for NOC to Open School Branch

Sample Letter for NOC to Open School Branch. If any authority person or educationist wants to get a school or any branch of existing school opened in any specific area or even in society he/she needs No Objection Certificate. In order to get the NOC letter or application is to be written to the District Coordination Officer or Director Personnel. Easy format is provided below.

Letter for NOC to Open School Branch


Mr. Ahmad Khan
District Coordination Officer.


Subject: Request for No Objection Certificate to Open School Branch

Dear Sir,

Hope to find you in good health.I have some vacant land for the purpose of existing school setup. This letter is to request you for the issuance of No Objection Certificate for opening new school Branch of our renowned ‘Cambridge school System’ at Eden Society. Cambridge is one of the best schools of its class and serving the society and educationists since past 8 years. We try and make possible to provide the best out of us to people and students. We recently had a survey and come to know that major problem of school is that strength of students has exceeded its capacity moreover, its location is quite distant from the majority of residencies.

By taking into account all of the factors and along with suggestions of our valued teachers and parents we have decided to open a new branch at an ideal location which would be feasible for both teachers and students. Furthermore, its centralized location will prove to be most easily accessible for society children as well.

We hope that you will definitely ponder upon the request and will issue NOC as soon as possible so that we may start the construction, as it would take some time to accomplish the entire project. Your concern is highly required. You can even visit the site for satisfaction as well. We will be waiting for a kind gesture so that this chain of providing education may not stop.

With Best Regards,

Carol Steve
Cambridge School System.

Letter for NOC to Open School Branch
Letter for NOC to Open School Branch


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